Septics to be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of this year.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 21, 2011.

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  1. They won the war then?
  2. Well, the ones in traditional uniform, anyway.
  3. A Buddy of mine just returned from a Year in Basra with TF Excelsior (NYARNG 501st EOD) 3 Casualties.
  4. If I was sceptical I'd think that there was a Presidential election coming up.... oh hang on...
  5. Good news I'd say and at least the Iraqis have some quality US trucks to cut about in. Only been blown up once in Afghanistan and repaired by me!!!!
  6. I always thought an end of a war meant an end of hostilities. I am not sure how the US could consider that they won the war in Iraq as the ending is almost similar to losing in Vietnam. The US started a war, carried it on for a long time, then pulled back its combat troops despite the war raging, then pulled out completely whilst the war raged. The only bit we haven't got to as yet is the pull out (or strategic withdrawal) which will happen in a few months apparently.
  7. The pull out has been in full swing for a few weeks here in Taji. The kit thats ending up here and then being shipped on is unreal. I have never seen so much equipment and i am told this is only the start of the hardware.
  8. What are you on about? They pacified Iraq. No war is raging.
  9. Strange.....I wonder why lots of people are getting killed in Iraq then.....must be peaceful demonstrations in a pacified land.
  10. A tiny number in comparison to previous years. It's not exactly Vietnam.
  11. Indeed not, far from it, but the strategy is very similar. Even though it is a small amount, in comparison to a few years ago, it is still a fair amount...not a tiny amount and it shows that the country is far from stable and is highly likely to get worse.
  12. The septics are being replaced by 11th (UK) Pikey Bde, they're on their way to tarmac the roads and replace all the telephone lines.

    They're taking all their own kit, which they've sourced all over Britain.
  13. The old adage rings true again. If you are fighting on your home ground you usually will win in the end. True of the American War of Independence and the all-time classic example Vietnam.
  14. Vietnam is an American State?