Septics - the mind fecking boggles...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Schaden, Dec 9, 2011.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    When police in the small Utah state town of Roosevelt saw a Maori haka being performed after a high school game of American football, they thought a riot was breaking out and used pepper spray and batons on the spectators involved. An investigation by police in Roosevelt, 140 miles east of Salt Lake City, has cleared the officers of wrongdoing "because they feared a riot".

    American Football: Police use baton charge on haka - Others - More Sports - The Independent
  2. Something I have often thought of as an appropriate response.
  3. The operative word in the police excuse is "thought." That is something I have long believed many/most police are incapable of.
  4. "The traditional Maori challenge has been adopted by several US sports teams, especially those with Polynesian players."

    Fucking Maori walts.
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  5. What; on youtube? Thick useless cunt!
  6. Perhaps sending the Aukland chapter of the mongrel mob might be educational.
  7. 'Union High School fans, having watched their team slump to another defeat, decided to perform a haka to raise their spirits'

    The Emperor Mong strikes again!
  8. Particularly yank ones.
  9. It is a small town in a rural state. Probably insensitive to the culture of the large Maori family who were relatives of one of the players.

    Police should try to be aware of the customs of various cultures. I am sure that in the UK if the guests at an Islamic wedding were to celebrate by firing automatic weapons randomly into the air, as is their custom, the UK police would understand and likely applaud the celebratory shooting.
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  10. Slightly different don't you think.....a dance and shooting weapons into the air?
  11. True, you're more likely to get off slinging a few rounds of 7.62 FMJ up in the air than dancing in the streets judging by some of the recent court rulings, mind you have to admit that you're not used to alcohol as your religion forbids it ;-)

  12. I would certainly agree but we both grew up western cultures. Others did not. They have different views of appropriate behavior. I have no idea what a haka dance looks like. i have never seen this before.

    Yes the cops overreacted it appears but they were taken by surprise, the family was blocking the exit from the stadium as the crowd was trying to leave and they thought (wrongly) that it was some kind of riot. Retrain them, yes. Ridicule them for attempting to keep order in a public assembly, not sure if that is right.
  13. Naafi bar - check
    Americans involved - check
    Emperor Mong Involved - check
    Coppers involved - Check

    lets face it, what are the chances of a reasoned debate with all that going on?
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  14. You will see it in time. It was all started by the New Zealanders (who are Westerners per se) and now it seems a lot of teams do it. I am surprised that it has not become popular with yank football teams already. Its nothing special, just a lot of people doing synchronised squatting, stomping and shouting whilst putting on orgasm faces and sticking tongues out. To be honest, I find it quite pathetic.

    Ah, US propaganda shows itself yet again....this "dance" is always on the news and I would hazard a guess that a majority of people in the world know about it....but then US tv/newspapers don't show much of the world outside the US, so it makes sense that not many there know about such a "dance". Although, since it is a synchronised thing and doesn't really look like a riot with the addition of people just standing around watching, not running away or screaming, one does wonder how they thought they were going to keep public order when it was already in order.