Septics send back Rat packs

Saw on the news today that the Spetics have returned all the 24hr ration packs that we sent out to the New Orleans relief fund as they contravene there ban of possible BSC infected products. Not sure how much beef is in 24hr rat packs the beef stew dumplings always looked to be made of cardboard to me. Surprised that they sent them back at all in fact I would have flogged down the local HM supplies like most people.

There was a thread elsewhere I saw (on this site?) saying they were all to be incinerated because of the beef. Nice to know that they're actually going to be used to feed people and weren't held back when people needed something to eat - unusually sensible for a government agency!
Ironicaly there is probably more BSE in the US than Britain at the moment, they're just better at covering it up.
and this is from the Country that unleashed MREs and McDonalds onto the World..........................
Crazy , i was in Florida when when i heard about it, the people in florida were stunned and spitting mad at the stupid decision.
They did this some time ago as well.

There was a large UK exercise in Florida and the US Coastguard detained the cargo ship with all the rats on as they said they had BSB infected beef in them.

That was until the Gov finnaly admited that the beef in them came from Argentina and NOT the UK as it was cheaper! And therefore not infected (yeah, RIGHT!) and should be let through.

A large amount of red faces after admiting that one!

Suprised it happened again though!
Maybe they can send it to Niger, where it should have gone in the first place. I don't think they'll turn it away on some wafer thin technicallity!!!

Why does the "greatest" nation on the planet need aid? Even the Afgans had a whip round for 'em!!! FFS.

Of course the spams now leave themselves open to another scandel of the "It's not good enough for them, but it is OK for us?" variety, or perhaps they'll be accused of offloading dieseased produce to a people they wish to exterminate!!!

Fcuking Colonials!!! Actually scratch that. They probably sent them back so Ctauch didn't get hold of them. He's on a government enforced diet and is only allowed to consume three tons a day.
8O 8O Strange to think that folk could starve in a civilised country and all because of the septics again being arrogant :p

Feed them cake :twisted: :twisted:
A mate in the States says that the latest info is that some rats actually reached the people who needed them - but a lot got burned and whats left has been declared "Unfit for human consumption". They are now paying $16,000 a month to store the stuff, and are looking to ship them to Guatemala....

Whatever happened to that image of the yanks as "devil may care" risk-takers - more Jobsworths than Islington Council....
From the Guardian Sat Oct 15th (my abridged version)

More than 400,000 British Forces issue 24 hour ration packs sent by the U.K to help feed the victims of Hurricane Katrina at a cost of £2.7 million are sitting in a warehouse in Arkansas over fear of Mad Cow disease & the long ban on British Beef.
The U.S state department is quietly looking for a needy country to take the meals,which are costing the U.S taxpayer $16.000 a month to store & the use-by date expires in 2006.
At one tme ,these rations were shipped to 14 locations in Louisianna before returning th Arkansas.

B**** septics,refusing to admit they screwed up over the disaster & now refusing aid from Ol' Tony!
..perhaps they would ship them back... I am sure they could be used to feed starving students... or my kids, they love corned beef hash!

More seriously, why on earth did the UK send them in the first place.. surely the US must have the resources to feed their people! Judging by their own criticism of the US Red Cross it was not for a lack of food, just the means to distribute it!
Does this mean that we can now ban any of their fat McDonalds containing, sh1t clothes wearing, load mouthed, obnoxious tossers that find their way to poor old Blighty?

"Manchester? Is that near London?"

Bunch of feckin cnuts!!!!!

(cleansing breath..................and I'm calm)
And what's the betting that when the Spams ship them to a needy state the boxes will all mysteriously have aqquired 'USAID' type stickers?
Without a doubt, and score points with the "We're giving hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of aid" tripe! :x

(must remember they're our allies.....................wait........scrap that...........they never remember we're their's)
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