Septics lose body parts of dead servicemen


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Shouldn't take the piss! We lost a body for ten years.


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Oh for fucks sakes. Who among us has not lost a few body parts along the way? By the time they demolish the motorway bridge we will be long dead so they can dig us up and put our rotting corpses in the dock if it will make them happy. Our rotting corpses will still claim we was somewhere else and we got witnesses.
If this was a Confession on Simon Mayo's radio show, my verdict would be 'Forgiven'. Therefore, I'd like to remove the keys from the ignition of the Outrage bus.

Quote: Since 2003, the mortuary has received the remains of more than 6,300 dead troops, mostly from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Officials said that in no cases did they suspect foul play, criminal acts or deliberate mishandling of the missing pieces.
I know where a part of my rotting corpse was this arvo - and very pleasant it was too.
its blindingly obvious to me what is going on here.
You know when you are handing the GPMG in to the armoury, and the thought first enters your head, 'I wonder if i could build my own out of spare parts?'...
We can't sling mud on that front.

You have to remember that the people who bag the bits up are usually his mates who are in shock, not forensic pathologists, undertakers or coroners staff!

I know that a burned out armoured vehicle was returned to the UK from Iraq for use in battle damage repair training. It still contained human remains long after the funerals.
It's a really touchy subject and I can understand people getting upset on the face of it. It's not at all as simple as that though. Bit's and pieces don't always get to where they should do for a number of reasons. Way back in the 1970's, a mate and myself washed what was left of another mates brains down a drain. What would be expected nowdays. Pick every last bit up and bag it? I have difficulty thinking of us being on our knees trying to scrape the stuff up. A few years later, several greenjobs including a couple of friends were blown sky high and a lot of them were left in the fields because it's just impossible to find everything.

If you go to a morticians theatre, you will see the table with the plughole in it. All sorts of stuff gets washed down there. Some of the stuff that they do to dead bodies if it came to light would probably turn the average persons stomache but the fact is, most relatives want to see their loved one as near as possible as they were alive. It's going to be their last memory of them for the rest of their lives.

The staff at this facility in America do a difficult job. It's actually a task that I would not fancy having to do dealing with this large number of dead bodies coming through, many of them with horrific injuries. Working in that environment, I would imagine there is some occasional counselling needed there to keep peoples sense of perspective that the world is not just about the dead.

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