Septics get it wrong again

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Civvy Scum, Dec 25, 2012.

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  1. With so many guns readily to hand, isn't this a waste of time?

    Piers Morgan: Thousands Want Him Deported

    Oi, Billy Bob, if you don't like him, surely you're sufficiently armed to the teeth to get rid of the oxygen thief the easy way?
  2. Boiling him in his own piss?
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  3. I would like to see him airdropped on Gruinard Island!
  4. Whilst I'm not exactly a fan of his, I must admit that I agree with him... septics really are fucking stupid.
  5. He's made a good point but fuck me they can keep him.

    A win/win would be some loon Yank shooting the cunt.
  6. All 300 million eh? Tell us how you really feel--don't hold back now. I can understand your feelings given your location.
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  7. All of them? Lets make a few more sweeping generalisations...
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  8. Ref Morgan, please keep him. Or kill him whichever most pleases the American public and stops him from coming back to the UK.
  9. Wasn't the 2nd amendment relating to the right of the people to form or join a militia?

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  10. A 'well-regulated militia'. Like the National Guard, maybe...
  11. Something to do with owning bear arms, never understood it myself, maybe as back scratchers?
  12. OK, return business class seat, untraceable 9mm, and schedule of his movements and he's history. No other fuck wits were harmed in this exchange.
  13. I wish I was as stupid as some of those Billionaire septics, oh to be that stupid.

    Fucking stupid septic billionaires.
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  14. Or this lot
    Bunch of nutters if you ask me, and who would do that?
  15. No, because the clamour to restrict US gun ownership would be deafening, what would be amazing, would be him getting filleted by a mugger, before a licensed CCW holder walks around the corner & shoots the mugger...cue repeated choruses of "If only Piers Moron carried his own firearm, he might be alive today..."
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