septics firing 50 cal...whoops

Excuse my ignorance about guns but how does a big bullet going supersonic in one direction come back & hit him on the head?.
Top_Crab said:
But it looked like it was just clear ground ahead, I though a bullet needed to hit something to come back.
Like a rock?

That's why range butts have to be dug out and sieved from time to time ...
Been discussed on here before, but it may have been that the round was seriously mangled/fragmented on impact with the backstop which explains the trajectory on the way back (note strike about 10 feet in front of Mr Lucky).

Don't .50 rounds have a BFO steel penetrator at the core? One lucky bugger anyway.
The round came back from a steel plate target, hit the ground ahead of the shooter and ricocheted again to hit his ear.

Assuming it's the same video that I've seen every time before....
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