Septics finally getting it?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Back in the United States, the Marine Corps and Army set about devising more thorough, customized and realistic training programs. Some of their revamped methods will get a big test with the latest major round of deployments in Southern California. About 25,000 Marines and sailors, most of them from Camp Pendleton, will head to Iraq in the coming months.

    The Army, convinced that its urban combat strategies are on track, has focused on beefing up its cultural programs. Hundreds of Arabic speakers now populate its training sites in Germany, Louisiana and California.

    “We moved to another phase of operations in which the cultural aspect was important,” said Army spokesman Lt. Col. Richard Harms. “It is no longer close in and destroy the enemy. We have to build relationships with Iraqis on the street.”

  2. Door. Horse. Bolted.
  3. The horse went years ago mate, the stable's been converted into luxury flats by now.
  4. ...owned and operated by KBR.
  5. Bl00dy hell - Phase Three!
  6. Funny, but a Marine I know who spent some time working with the Black Watch in Al Anbar province said that they came swanning in with the attitude that "These Yanks don't know anything about COIN", the whole "berets, not helmets" deal, etc etc. They proceeded to act like they were still in Basra. Let their guard down...then there was a Warrior blown up, and a number of Brit soldiers killed, unfortunately. He said that the Black Watch troops fairly quickly realized that the Marines DID know what they were about, given their area of operations. Al Anbar ain't Basra. The Sunni Triangle is rather than are the Shi'ite areas.

    [Edit:] By the way, he generally had extremely good things to say about the BW. Just that they had a rather brutal reality check in their first few days. They "got it" quickly, to their credit.
  7. Yank lurker you are mis informed i was part of the Black Watch battle group at Camp Dogwood and we
    always had our helmets on when we crossed the berm out of Dogwood and in Dogwood they were clipped
    to our body armour .You are right about the sunni triangle ,it made Basrah seem like down town Epsom
  8. A number of Brits killed when a Warrior was hit??? At Dogwood??
  9. Your google-fu is weak, Grasshopper...,2763,1343707,00.html
  10. Yes they were, it was in seperate incidents at Dogwood .I know because i was there .
    As a Scimitar commander .
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Feck me! I'm packing my kit to fly home to Epsom - if it's anything like Basra at the moment, my missus will be threatened for buying booze in Sainsburys, and the Council workers will all be off work. Come to think of it, there may be similarities....

    Back to the Septics - too late, I'm afraid. The sight of a US uniform is, in most of the South, enough to put the local's backs up. The US here are great chaps, but they have, by actions elsewhere, made themselves incredibly unpopular with most of the populace.

    There are Countries here - not naming names - who refuse to let their Soldiers do anything that involves them being seen with a US Soldier. Odd, but true.
  12. I agree old snowy , they are good at the old ''war fighting'' role but peace support ops etc etc thats a
    different thing .The locals in Iraq are not too happy to have the US about due to the way they have
    handled things ,bit like good cop bad cop with us brits being the nice guys .
  13. Well I didnt say that it didnt happen but in the post above it was made to sound like there were dead everywhere, ala the US marine landing craft that was blown up killing 14.
    All very sad but it does sound like the poster was trying to 'up the body count' a bit.
  14. Ummmmm, no.

  15. I know this for certain, many of the LEC's at Basrah considered US troops as less desirable than Kuwaitis, not a small feat.