Septics "blow up" Afghan Police.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. At least there were no civilian casualties
  2. Glad to see the narrow mainded don't consider the wives and children of the dead afghan cops 'casualities....'
  3. Life is cheap, a few dollars and they will be happy enough or being bummed by their uncles.
  4. True, then they could make a film of it and get an Oscar...
  5. The Kite Runner?
  6. Bloody journos reporting like the Coalition is on one long orgy of random violence, if the local raggies had half a bloody clue and weren't doing stupid ass things like firing their AK's in the air for jollies there would be less blue-on-blue problems, for a start what goes up must go down...
  7. You never heard it from me... :roll:
  8. I havn't seen it, I've heard the book is a good read though.
  9. 8O OPSEC is one thing, don't tell the locals because you are not sure/don't trust them.
    :evil: But which Mong did the Special Needs IPB, kind of nice to now the location of friendly-ish forces. Blue on Blue suggests an honest mistake - Not knowing where your allies are based is a tad careless.

    Well done that will be another five families and extended members who may now just decided to join the opposition. :!:
  10. Hmmm, the ANP. Also seen as the local militia/muscle for the drug lords/war lords/local power base for whoever needs them. And pays.

    Yep those fine fellows who spend their time manning the checkpoints ‘taxing’ locals, abducting ISAF LECs and genrally being a pain. Sometimes wearing uniform but more often than not in civvies. Bringing mates to ‘work’ with them so when you turn up for a chat with a list of who should be there you find double the numbers but only 4 or 5 who should be there. Maybe someone will be wearing a uniform shirt or something indicating ‘Police’.

    Rules for us was if ANP fired on us we returned fire and spanked them good and proper as we never knew who was paying their wages that day; GIRoA or people a tad more shady.

    The ANP are at the bottom of the pecking order socially and are basically thugs who got the job through tribal ties. Things are changing albeit very slowly.

    The locals loved us doing joint patrols with them because “When you are here they don’t steal and murder”.

    The current CoP in LKG has convictions for terrorism and corruption. Now he is head honcho. A glorious system.

    There was a rumour that there were 3 ANP whacked who were mistaken for a TB rocket team. Red faces all round. Thing was they were not from the local area or in uniform, no one could say why they were there or what they were doing.

    Rocket attacks stopped very suddenly. Wierd.

    Any way it is not ‘Blue on Blue’ but ‘Blue on Green’.

    So, no great loss just throw them some cash and crack on. It is not as if they were onside to start with!
  11. Did anyone else notice the americans trying to get everyone else to share the blame for this one by stating "the coalition" before every explanation
  12. Why is everyone so sure the ANP version of events is what went down?

    TBBT makes a good point re. the ANP.