Septic's are skint

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. Uncle Sam is brassic and he doesn't even have enough left down the back of the sofa to pay his grunts

    US debt ceiling crisis: American troops in Afghanistan may not be paid | Mail Online

    even Gordon Brown didn't wind things down so far that his armed servants would have to go without their beer tokens.

    Can't imagine the near panic in Munster Naffi when we all found out that we weren't going to be having our monthly rock-star weekend
  2. A ridiculous situation, you think they're be able to agree a concession so their armed forces could be paid.

    China attack now!
  3. We'll probably be asked to bail them out. Does the president really need a motorcade of 14 verrhickloes??
  4. Maybe the septics should start taxing hot drinks. It's worked for us in the passed
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  5. and they all want to hang obama out to dry. i was under the impression the shaved ape bush started the economy down the shit chute?
  6. America is too big to fail. They have until Tuesday to sort out a compromise, and both Republicans and Democrats will take it down to the wire in order to score as many points as possible. But the will compromise; the alternative is financial Ragnarok, and not even US politicans are that fucking dumb.
  7. why? Greece,Spain,Portugal and Ireland aren't as dumb either surely?
  8. 1)The above mentioned countries could always at least hope for a bail out from other nations. Who's going to bail out the US if they go the shape of the pear? China? Smartascarrots could probably tell us the Chinese for, "Jog on, round-eye".

    2)Run out of money for cops, soldiers etc and who's going to protect the politicians from millions of pissed off, armed to the teeth citizens? Politicians value their own skins very highly indeed, and none of them want to risk a Second War of Northern Aggression.
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  9. maybe interesting times soon for the yanks..
  10. Going in a couple of weeks...come on exchange, money, money!
  11. Glad its not just me that's skint.
  12. Do they pay £6 a gallon for petrol?
  13. All that is likely to happen in the near future is that the US will raise their debt ceiling a bit and kick the can a bit further down the road.

    Meanwhile the UK has a bit of bright sky looming in that some very recent developments in natural gas processing could ease the energy pressure quite a lot.
  14. Seems they are close to reaching an agreement on sorting it.
  15. 1 thing iv never understood about this whole thing is who do we, the septics, P.I.G.S, etc etc owe all this money to? Yeah yeah we're all up to our necks in gazilions of quid worth of dept but who to? Someone must getting rich out of this? Charging uncle Sam double bubble
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