Septics are going nuts

Discussion in 'US' started by alib, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. On Project Syndicate The Maddening of America
    I'm highly skeptical about this though times are hard and American colleagues do seem anxious to bugging out at times.

    The typical resident of Germania puts in a lazy working year filled with vacations, sick days, vocational training, short working days and much vigorous sporting leisure while most Septics are working ever longer days.

    They often do this under the scrutiny of some multply-divorced micro-managing harridan while the Kraut reports to a laid back but precise Herr Dr. who will scold him for inefficiency if he can't do his job in the set woking time with it's mandated coffee and lunch breaks. Last project I was on ran out of California and everybody in the Bear State seemed to be running on a couple of hours sleep a night and a long list of happy pills. This clearly wasn't sustainable even the Asians were losing their fixed grins and was becoming something close to display masochism at senior management levels.

    If things go badly and Joe Boxhead gets sacked, if he can be sacked many of the older ones still practically have tenure, he'll just fall back on their very comfortable social system until he lands another cushy job. In the land of the free jobs are much more scarce on getting the boot the family loses its healthcare is probably in debt already and a desperate job search follows. Often all is well after a little groveling but there's a constant itchy fear that's debilitating. And here I'm talking about folk well up the corporate food chain. The epidemic of anxiety disorders may be a genuine fallout from Lehman and the Septic response which has been to raise productivity levels even further. At some point you'll start breaking people.

    Septic Shrinks over diagnosing mental illness and the over prescription of powerful drugs aimed at mental illness are probably playing a role. These days they often rotate through four patients an hour just doling out pills. It used to be about one an hour but they simply make much more money that way. Kids I'd regard as entirely normal if slightly spoiled lazy brats are increasingly being expensively medicated. Old folk are routinely doped to simplify their care. Drugs that are active on the brain are often ladened with side affects that show up down the line. Many perform little better than placebos if you look at the clinical data.
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  2. I suspect if the latter day Roman Empire in its decline had been studied in similar fashion the results would be the same.

    We are increasingly a "society" comprised of a majority of "takers" from the "system" through government redistribution of wealth taken virtually (and sometimes literally) at the point of a gun through the taxing power from those who produce wealth in programs that incentivize laziness and sloth.

    Morbid obesity, idleness, preoccupation with "fluff," (most know all the details of such vital things and important people as American Idol, Duck Dynasty, JayZ and Kim Kardashian) and a rapidly disappearing knowledge of any of our founding principles or the critical importance of the Judeo-Christian values that shaped our founders' lives and thought, much less the actual provisions of, our Constitution.
  3. The 18th Century has sent a runner with a message in a cleft stick asking you to return their opinions.
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  4. People don't talk to their imaginary friend enough these days.
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  5. Are you on crack or do you just think I didn't understand your post?

    JJH's point is that not enough people have an imaginary friend they talk to on a regular basis anymore, not that Jews were a major part of US history.
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  6. Calm down kike.
  7. be a good idea for you to Google judeo Christian before you make yourself look even more ludicrous.
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  8. I do think its faith that keeps a lot of Septics optimistically cracking on. It's far better for the soul getting a bit Churchie with your fellow man than being doped up by a venal head doctor. It can appear mad from Heathen Yurp but it's probably the sanest thing the USA has going for it.

    The Founders vary some were probably less Godly than the average often fanatical foot soldier of the revolutionary war, but they were all informed by enlightenment values based in Christian and Classical traditions. The key actors may have been more united by a very English love of gardening than anything but you can't really understand them without those references. The constitution is a product of a very sane group of men squabbling about often irreconcilable differences between states that varied from puritan theocracies to something more like the modern US in love with the flesh and Mammon.
  9. Judeo-Christianity is a strain of religious/ethical philosophy and doesn't necessarily need any practising Jews to exist in a society. It just means it's drawn from the teachings of Judaism and early Christianity - which the Christian side of the modern US clearly is.

    The respective rates of mental illness in mono- and poly-theistic societies isn't necessarily conclusive, IMO. Polytheism is most prevalent in developing and underdeveloped economies where people have a much greater degree of certainty in their lives, even if that certainty is pretty bleak. The average livelihood is also pretty physical which has a proven preventative effect on depression.

    For my money, lack of stability in modern highly-intense post-industrial societies plays a much larger part in creating a constant sense of nagging anxiety. People stand a far smaller chance of starving to death but a far higher chance of losing what they've worked for, at short notice and often with little or no warning.
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  10. Your information on life in Germany is a little dated. Nowadays time limited contracts, Zeitarbeit and no nationwide minimum wage are the norm. There are lots of people in full time employment who are getting less than those on welfare, with the State kicking in to make up the difference. As I and a few hundred others here in JHQ have just been laid off, this knowledge comes from personal experience or that of my (former)colleages.
  11. I'd actually argue Jay-Z is a poster boy of the American dream. Born in poverty and dragged himself up to become a multi millionaire, regardless of whether or not you like his music or politics.
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  12. I'm going to add you to my list of posters to watch, your inevitable melt down will be epic.
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  13. getting There, now all you need do, is get an adult to explain, context, to you. But you're obviously remedial and it'll probably take some time.
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  14. Big of you to admit you are remedial, but you're probably too special to realise you did.
  15. You're incredibly obtuse. What would be the point? Now do everyone a favour and put us out of your misery.
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