Septics and black pudding?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Jun 2, 2013.

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  1. This morning I literally bumped into a lovely couple of septics on vacation from Chicago.During the course of our conversation we were discussing British cuisine.Seems they were recently offered a 'Full English' not being well versed with foreign foods they were quite concerned about Black Pudding,as their host didn't tell them about all of the contents.
    So to get to the point,does septic cuisine offer Black Pudding,if so what do they call it?
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  2. Some of their stuff is pretty awful, like chitterlings and hominy grits whatever they are, and don't the army eat 'shit on a shingle'?
  3. I once got served grits at a US Air Force base. Every paedophile wing should have this on it's menu.
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  4. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    There's all sorts of things Americans don't understand.

    Tea. The minging bastards think powdered tea is the same as the real thing.

    Black pudding. Liver. They think we live on fish and chips and I'm fucking ashamed of what hotels tote as English Breakfast - vile slop. It would be all right if anyone used quality ingredients, but they just fucking don't.
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  5. TBH, their breakfasts take some explaining too. They don't have sausages, they have links, the bacon is some knarly bits of frazzled streaky and when cut into, sends shards in all directions. Biscuits, which are really flat Yorkie puds, served with gravy, a white sauce type thing with bits of sausagemeat floating in it. Also, what is it with frigging pancakes? Understandable when served with maple syrup as a pudding, but with the addition of bacon as well??
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  6. Tbh Joker their biscuits are more like scones . They can't make Yorkshire puds , the ones we had were like fairy cakes .
    Pancakes and bacon , nowt wrong there I have fried pancakes with a Sunday fry up .

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  7. Remember, what is now the US of A was used by us as the precursor to Oz as the criminal dumping ground of the Empire. Their food is a mix of jail shite and red indian crap - black pudding is several divisions above their highest level of comprehension...
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  8. Mrs Mac and I were staying at a nice hotel for AvN weekend. Sat at breakfast on the Saturday and a pair of retired sisters from Septicland sat down next to us.
    After watching them snuffling down their full English and hearing them debate what it was made of we took great pleasure in telling them what their black pudding was made of.
    The look of sheer disgust on their faces was truly wonderful.

    I think they both stuck to pastries and cereal on Sunday morning, personally I was far too hungover to notice anything.
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  9. The hotel breakfasts are often grim. Ham and eggs with fresh baked biscuits, a fine way to start the day and there's usually a diner within a few blocks that does it well. The coffee is still abysmal though.
  10. Yeah Thailand serve American breakfasts, great to get back home to decent sausage and proper bacon.
    I never really wanted to go to America but I do recall having good food in Canada.
  11. When in Florida, I tended to got to Sizzlers, $5 for a breakfast buffet, in NY, we found a little restaurant on 7th Ave that did as close to a Full English as you could find, fried eggs, Canadian bacon, links, BBQ beans, mushrooms and fried tomatoes with as much coffee as you could down.
  12. They do have blood sausage but it's classed as foreign muck, there's Cajun boudin and an Italian jobby called biroldo in CA. You also get varieties of morcilla drifting up with the Latinos.
  13. Full proper english breakfasts in Pattaya for a decent one will run around B150 ( just over 3 quid), small english breakfast around B120- there's even a Yorkshire Pork Butcher supplying a lot of english style meats now.

    I think areas of the States will do Black pudding type stuff, with the French influence in the Southern States- they do like their Boudin.

    Edit- Alib beat me too it as I was tying whilst you replied!