Septics $8bn development on Guam.

Discussion in 'US' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Not surprised to hear of the Guam base being revamped; after all the fuss that the Japanese are making about the jarheads on Okinawa I figured they would have to be moved sooner rather than later. It's only a shame that we can't get Subic Bay and Clark AFB back in operation too. We need to keep an eye on the Chinese - they're the Imperial Japanese foe of the 21st Century.
  2. Forgive my abject ignorance but who 'owns' Guam?

  3. Edited to add 'Bollocks I got confused with Diago Garcia!!'
  4. You are mixing up Guam, which is geographically (but not politically) part of the Marianas Islands in the Pacific, with Diego Garcia, which is in the Indian Ocean. Guam belongs to the US, it's position is analogous to that of Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands.
  5. What he said. Basically one of America's Colonies. They have a very nifty rocket base in the Marshalls (Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site). I suspect that as the Japs moan more and more about the US presence they'll quite rightly ship out everything to their colonies in the Pacific. They have to fund these islands anyway, why not a great big base to provide the locals jobs. Guam is just the start.

    I suspect however poor old American Samoa won't be seeing any of this build up. And boy does it need it. A BFO base would really help them. Judging by my visit 6 months after the Tsunami when the square root of **** all had been done, the US has forgotten her little coaling station (US Samoa was run administratively by the US Navy for decades until they let Civvies have a go after a rather cutting article in Newsweek that JFK read). Shame as judging by the number of My son is a Proud Marine/Soldier/Airman bumper stickers American Samoa is the supplier of a whole boat load of their troops. The PX by the Airport and National Guard barracks sucks by the way, there's no beach on the main island of any note and the 25mph national speed limit is torture. The Cops that stopped me were very friendly though, its not Hawaii with 2000 room hotels with a hot tub in each room, and the USMC Band playing for Flag Day was very good.
  6. So far projected expansion on Guam is not for units displaced from Okinawa.

    The Marines are planning to form a new squadron of MV-22B Osprey at Anderson AFB from 01 October,2015.

    The Marines are also ramping up their presence on Hawaii,with again 2 units of Ospreys from 01 October,2012.These will be mover from MCAS Maramar,California.