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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ELXLE, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. OK probably been done before and done to death but I'm sitting in a West African bar listening to a bright young 25 year old septic lawyer
    telling a 60 year old local who has obviously been around a bit that he should tell "his people" (wtf?) she isn't happy and that this means they have a problem.
    Switches to French when she clocks me FFS! but still that whiny f*****g accent and of course only septics are multi lingual. She will end up in the Niger and all in her home town will say how wonderful she was, she isnt,she's an arrogant f wit.
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I had a similar situation a few years back. 2006ish, when the RN evacuated Brits from Lebanon.

    Annoying loud yank jewish bird starts getting the arse on because a few blokes said "fuck me, it's looking a bit steep in Lebanon at the moment."

    Queue a tirade, in which the entire clientele of the pub was accused of being anti-Semitic, there were tears, the lot.

    I still fucked her though.

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  3. Some poor b will be in harms way to pull her arse out of it, and that grips my s**t.
  4. Don't think it's down to being a septic or a woman, think it's just the mindset of those that go out to the third world thinking they are going to change it
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  5. ELXLE, why don't you shut her up by sticking your tongue down her neck, dragging her back to yours and shagging it to an inch of her life....turn her over and do her arrse as well.......hope this helps!!
  6. Use the magic words: "SHAZZAN - SIZE OF A CAMEL........!"

    [​IMG] summon SEPTIC WOMAN!
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  7. I thought I could change things in the third world when I came to France. But no, they're still a set of cheese-eating, surrender monkey bedwetting cunts.
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  8. When in France I always carry a few old used bars of soap, just leave them lying about in public toilets, restaurant washrooms etc and watch the consternation that causes.

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  9. Used to laugh at the septic peace corps members in Kenya. You'd think they were chosen by God because they had dug up a field for some lazy Massai. Hated the Army with a vengeance, probably because in our time there aside from purely mil div we used to take on projects that actually made a difference.
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  10. Got wittered at by some dozy bint from the Carter Foundation while in Loki about all the good they were doing drilling wells and so forth. Despite my thousand yard stare, pointing and gesturing like a rabid chimp and even saying it to her, the silly tart still didn't get it that they were fucking up the usually nomadic lifestyle of the Turkana, resulting in tukuls made from plastic bags and the desertification of the area due to grazing goats and totally denuding the place of firewood by being stuck in one place. Following their herds to water and giving the place time to recover has now been replaced by a growing slum inhabited by increasingly dependent people and a mountain of rubbish.

    No doubt she patted herself on the back each night before bed and her mates at home in the US got force fed all the gory details.
  11. What projects were those? The ones to remove alcohol, one bottle/keg at a time, from harms way so the locals couldn't get hold of it?
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    "NGO motors breeze through borders".
    Sun Tzu. The Art of War
  13. I guess if it's only used for pre-Afghan training you don't do much more than that. In the eighties the RE used to be out there doing a lot of projects and every regiment that rotated through the Nanyuki used to carry out projects of one sort or another from keeping the NHS Hospital vehicles running to building stand pipes in villages. We medics used to help out at the Dol Dol mission and at a few places dotted here and there. With many of them you either walked for a day and a half to a medical station or you died, not exactly the welfare state although they did have Kenyan NHS Hospitals.

    We also used to liberate beers, the med centre fridge was always full of Tuskers.