Septic White Feather

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by annakey, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. How angry are you to be receiving the Septic white feather over Basra withdrawal? It's still low level noise atm but is likely to grow, particularly should grunts be sent south to plug the gap.

    There's always been a strong strain of anti-Americanism in Britain, particularly in the UK armed forces with their experience of urban warfare/hearts and minds. Lots of private head-shaking occurs whenever a National Guardsman – Yeeeehaaa! - bombs a wedding party.

    If the Yanks hand out too many white feathers I suspect there could be a strong, and possibly ugly, reaction.

    Are you able to rate your degree of pissed-offness?
  2. go away you silly little rabble rouser

    Anna Key, "anarchy"...I ask you
  3. Do you have a source for this that isn't a spoof website?
  4. Edited for falling victim to the apparently nuisance poster. :oops: :roll:
  5. I voted that I dont care. The letter that (I assume) you were refering to by that rev is designed to antagonise us so I wont show it. The truth is that they dont want to be left on their own and they will try to shame us into staying. Of course we'll never hear the end of it in the bar but hey.

  6. It's a spoof website. It isn't real!!!!

  7. Google Annakey....
  8. But its fun all the same.
  9. Keep your hair on. It's a perfectly reasonable question asked on precisely the right forum.

    There's a stream of low level noise coming from "senior US intelligence" sources and elsewhere. Here's the Torygraph. Follow the links. Read between the lines. Take a look at U.S. blogs and message boards.

    I can't see any reason why the U.S. political right won't treat a British withdrawal from Basra in the same way they treated the 'Cheese-eating surrender monkeys' prior to the invasion.
  10. Piss off dicksplatt.
  11. I'm fairly sure that a fair handful of US high-levellers are aware that Britain is one of the very few countries that they can rely on to have similar aims to themselves - the noise we will hear will be from lower level, ill informed people, not the "in-the-know" folk.

    I voted "couldn't care less" for this reason - it's only the ill-informed or the cretins who will make this noise.
  12. And General Jack Keane (it may be okay as a General but imagine being in 2Lt Keane's platoon) here.

    Unless the Telegraph has been outed by ARRSE as a wah? It wouldn't surprise me too much but I would have bet on the Guardian or the Mail being first up.

    Anyway, it is, of course, clearly all the fault of the evil British because nothing Septic can ever be wrong. Including, and extremely unfortunately, our colleagues in the Anglians.
  13. Fair enough. But are 'similar aims' sufficient? Words are cheap. One of the big arguments for Britain not joining with the Yanks to start with, in either Iraq or Afghanistan, was that it would provide political cover for Bush in a flawed enterprise. He's now going to be exposed on the Iraq front. And that exposure may take the form of US forces needing to move south and body bags returning to America for which the British withdrawal will be blamed. That's going to wind up a lot of Yanks, including Necons at the very top.
  14. Welcome to mondays news knob-head.
    Oh and for the record...