Septic troops to be stationed in Australia.

Discussion in 'Australia' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. OOOO ooooo pick me, sir, pick me!

  2. I thought the Oz were more worried about Indonesia ?
  3. Isn't Indonesia roughly north of Oz too then?
  4. Let's hope that there is no repeat of the contretemps between the septics and the digger that happened in Queensland in WWII when the septics arrived by train as the diggers pulled out to go to the front. Septics mouthing off about how they were going to shag the sheilas stupid. Authorities tried to hush it up but I think quite a few lives were lost in the fracas.
  5. I think there were two godly fists flying which did most of the damage. They belonged to his tropperness.
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  6. Gillard's at APEC getting her orders from POTUS now.
  7. More likely, that geologists have decided Australia might/could be sitting on oil reserves . . . :|
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  8. You don't know much about Australia do you?

    Google "Ranger Uranium" and "INPEX Darwin" , then wait for the official announcement on US military training in Darwin next Thursday / Friday when Barak is popping over for a cold beer.
  9. The Indo's couldn't organise a p*ss up in a brewery!
  10. There go peaceful Saturday nights on Mitchell St.

    Yep, the Yank Navy visits fairly regularly and the birds go wild. I predict USMC v 2 Cav battles every Saturday night.
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  11. Yes poor old Scotland, with all those tattoo faced Englishmen begging fags with menaces at Waverly station. English Bastards! ;)
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  12. The pentagon announced that the deployment of their forces in australia in no way posed a threat to china. Only highly
    specialised units would be involved.

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  13. There goes the neighbourhood.
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