Septic Tactical MTB

Apologies if this has been laughed at before, but have a look at this:

Tactical Mountain Bike


Notes - 1)Its uncanny resemblance to a wheelchair when folded

2)Its "range" is listed as 75 miles a day. Nice to know they have standardised soldiers aerobic capacity over there.
Shame its been standardised to "ahsmatic hippo"
I think a folding mtb is a great idea as they wont let you wire claymores up to your bike when its chained up 75 miles is pretty good going in a day espically if its off road .Though as an actual military product its a joke considering the amount of kit your para jumps with it would need serious panniers to carry it all. Didnt they have bicycles on D day which proved useless ?
woody said:
Didnt they have bicycles on D day which proved useless ?
Don't know about the para bikes (rumour has it that there is a warehouse full of them in the USofA) but the invasion bikes that some of the units came ashore with had a mixed reception. On unit recalls finding a pile, nicking them and pedalling off as fast as possible whilst a Geordie unit got off the landing craft, laid theirs down and persuaded a Churchill crew to drive over them.


stickybomb said:
Front disk brakes give rapid and stronger braking power
...and a speedy exit from the bike IIRC!
Yes, I noticed that when I had my bicycle accident earlier this year. 'Front brake's a bit harsh', I thought to myself in the moments before my shoulderblade shattered on an iron bollard... :(


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So do you cycle out the back of the C130 on it?
the swiss have a bicycle battalion completely barking complete with anti tank misiles strapped to the bikes
A bright Lewis Gunner in the Great War discovered that a particular nut that had the annoying habit of falling off his weapon during protracted use was identical to the nut that held the brakes on the bikes issued to French cyclist Battalions. Legend has it that his unit passed through a village where a WheelieFrog battalion was billeted and when the frogs left a few days later, all their brakes fell off.

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