Septic squaddie gets new privates .

... bet they used to belong to Private First Class Bradelina Mainwaring..... they have been kept in a jar of best moonshine whiskey to keep them fresh....:rolleyes:
Given the fact that they appear to be operating on a mannequin, I have little hope for success. Everyone knows that Action Man had nothing going on down there.
So you know how some animal organs, like pig's livers, are a very close match for human and could be used for transplant with the right anti-rejection drugs?

Anyone know anything about horses? Asking for a friend is all.
"Ok, we're ready to begin, but first, I have a question - you're absolutely, 100%, cast-iron sure that you have no interest whatsoever in transgenderism? Because if you do, just say so now, and it'll save an awful lot of bother, pain and expense in future reversing all of this. In fact, if you do, we've got a bit of a head start here. What's it going to be?"
No I won’t be, before anyone asks.
I'll bet you bloody well would if the donor was Ron Jeremy. :-D (The cock that appeared in a Thousand pornos.)

Ron Jeremy.jpg
"They used a penis, scrotum and partial abdominal wall transplanted from a deceased donor."

I should bloody well hope so!
Nah, you never know, it might've been fresher if they'd found a tissue match in someone queuing up for the old M to F gender reassignment.

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