septic sex harasment

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jemadarjo, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. I'd say that bullying in the UK Armed Forces is under-reported, probably because every report has to go through the chain of command (even anonymous complaints to that bullying ombudsman do) and that doesn't exactly make people want to speak up.

    Add that to the fact that they'd be perceived by their peers as weak or a grass, and you don't really have an environment conducive to openness.

    Yes, this is the NAAFI and yes, it's me talking. Savour my serious reply, and shame on you for not popping this into the Intelligence Cell. You'll regret it when the "Funny Men" assemble their Hilarity QRF.
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  2. Is Wheeler Dealers on tonight?
  3. Early '80s we had a female BC. Room inspections ............... Every thing perfect as normal............... except............. those curtains aren't straight. How are blokes supposed to know that.

    I was only NCO I/C barracks at Larkhill, I just felt sorry for guys on the course at the time.
  4. We had a female sergeant that would come into the shower room after pt in basic, we thought it normal no minded it. Only years later did we realise that she had done the wrong thing. She gave me a easy time when I came back from the med centre and caught her shagging one of the corporals. So it wasnt all bad. We did have a willy watcher at my first unit, used to claim the young soldiers werent washing so used to supervise them in the shower. He left his wife a couple of years ago for his new life partner. At a another unit one of the females wanted to get pregnant got one of the blokes drunk then put elastic bands round his knob then used his erection. Whilst he was passed out.
  5. And did she get pregnant?
    And did she then claim child support from the father?
  6. If you pay attention to the words in the article, it's not about innocent male recruits being raped by their female corporal instructors. It's about male recruits being bummed by their male instructors and keeping quiet about it because they want to maintain their learning credits.

    An estimated 26,000 sexual assaults per year? And they let these people out to defend democracy? And wonder why the rest of the world doesn't love them? If they can't respect the rights of their own people, what chance to the sub-humans have?
  7. Naked bar, someone who wants to get pissed and see naked men....
  8. Hmm, nothing like that ever occurred at Vimy Lines, Catterick way back in the day when we used 'That Rifle'. Perhaps I had a sheltered uppringing, and I didn't understand what was going on. All the trainers, even PTI's were all honorable folks..... perhaps I didn't get drunk enough in the NAAFI bar after duty hours........ more Meds Nurse .......!!