Septic Rocket Jockeys Do It Again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Capt Cheeky, Jan 12, 2004.

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  1. A US airforce practice bomb has been dropped on the Yorkshire countryside. A spokesman for the United States airforce (USAF) said the training bomb landed in an area near Holme on Spalding Moor - six miles south west of Market Weighton in East Yorkshire.

    The BDU-33 bomb, which weighs 25-pound and produces smoke on impact, caused an 18-inch crater in an asphalt track which is part of an old airfield now owned by Allied Grains.

    The accident happened at about 1715 GMT on 8 January.

    The device was dropped from an RAF Lakenheath F-15 fighter jet.

    Full story at

    More info about the munition at

    You would think the blighters have had enough of bombing their own soldiers, our soldiers and pretty much everyone else. Dropping munitions on British Soil on the other hand.... say no more.
  2. Err Trigger evidently! Ahem sorry chaps, taxi for one please!

    Oh well I'm sure some blighter will find some use for this thread as you can always rely on the yanks to c*ck up again sometime in the near future...

    Ahem, "Watch this space" perhaps? :oops:
  3. I have the very story!

    This morning's 'Metro' newspaper reports that a US soldier was arrested at an airport in the States because he was trying to board an aircraft with a mine in his hand-luggage. The mine was apparently inert, like the soldier's brain, presumably.
  4. Ah ViroBono I knew I could rely on you to bail me out..... again! I think that's about a gallon of Tanqueray I owe you now old bean!

    True enough that was the septic-shenanigan related story that this thread is perfectly designed for.... might have to trawl google, BBCi, Reuters etc for a few more,

    Tally Bally, LB