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Discussion in 'US' started by msr, Jun 3, 2010.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Gary Pfleider doesn't remember much of what happened after he got shot. The former Oregon National Guard soldier was in a truck on patrol in Iraq in 2007 when a bullet tore through his left leg.

    "I remember grabbing ahold of my leg and realizing I had blood on my hands," Pfleider told KVAL-TV. "And from that point on, until I got loaded onto the Stryker, it was just a big blur."

    Pfleider flew back to the states and recuperated at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, where he was awarded the Purple Heart. One-third of the muscle in his leg is gone and he'll have to wear a brace for the rest of his life.

    And according to the government, he also has some debts to repay.

    Last June, the Army sent Pfleider a bill for more than $3,000. Technically, the clothes and weapons his unit had to leave behind after he got shot were the responsibility of his commanding officers.
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  5. Kit doesn’t grow on trees you know, just because a bloke is careless enough to get shot doesn’t mean he can just leave his equipment lying around any old place.

    Think what the BOWO would say on the next LSI :D
  6. He will be really embarrassed when he realises :wink:
  7. Unfortunately this isn't the first time a wounded soldier has received a statement of charges for equipment left behind and it probably won't be the last. The company supply sergeant didn't do his job right as said gear should of either been accounted for if recovered or written off as a combat loss if not. Past incidents of this have resulted in the charges being deleted and the soldier being cleared so I expect such to happen with this incident.
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  9. msr

    msr LE

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