Septic Ingenuity In Action-A Human Paperweight

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. Just so you Brits will stop bashing septic ingenuity and common sense here is a news item from today that proves once and for all that Americans have not lost their sense of adventure and creativity in the face of otherwise insurmountable challenges of every day living (and at the same time confirms the Darwinian principle of natural selection (albeit by extension from the loving mother to her beloved daughter):

  2. I am-hailing as I do from that progressive neighboring state of Georgia, we are often thankful for the comparison offered by Alabama.
  3. Life is like a really really big box of chocolates.
  4. As one of middle age I harken more to the wisdom expressed by Gomer Pyle USMC such as the memorable "Shazam" and "Gawlllllleeee Sergeant Carter!"
  5. Shame she didn't go under a low bridge.
  6. See, and people say the Septics don't do irony. :)
  7. We try--up to our inherent colonial inbred abilities.
  8. <types>
  9. Surely just thinking inside the box.
  10. I suppose one could argue that since it was the highly intelligent mother who presumably came up with this innovation with her daughter serving as the proverbial "pound(s) of flesh," this is more an example (likely emulated by many a bored squaddie with some scavenged pyrotechnic) of "thinking" outside of the box?
  11. "Septic and ingenuity" Another classic oxymoron.
    The only ideas you lot have ever had have been stolen from other countries.
  12. I wish I had had the brush you use in your blanket statement when I painted my house-it would have taken half the time.
  13. But you're not denying it?
  14. I always thought yanks had a use!