Septic football

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vampireuk, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Can somebody explain to me why the septics think that a game played by grown men dressed in full body armour and a helmet is somehow more manly than a game where the aim is to make it through without losing any more teeth (rugby).

    They are a bizzare lot these septics.
  2. How can they hold a 'world series' that just includes the US of A?

  3. Remember when they hosted the world cup they wanted to extend the game to 100 mins and have for qtrs of 25 mins(for the kingo's) so they could fit in the advertising
  4. :twisted: "Oi you tw@t"

    Having played a game of Rugby with the septics (Friendly 8O ) its safe to say that if they weren't so thick they may have been worthy opponents. There was no weakness on the clashes however their grasp of "PASS BACKWARDS YOU KNOB" was poor at times.
  5. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Because they invite Cuba and Canada, which are well known as the only other foreign countries on the planet. Cuba is, in fact, the other side of the world to the US.

    The thing with Yank Football that really gets me is the squad size. What team game uses a squad of 50 players in one game? Some lads are on the pitch for a grand total of maybe two minutes (e.g. kickers) out of the entire match! That's not fun, or remotely skillful. The only challenge worth having is drawing up tactics as coach. That must be a fcuking nightmare.
  6. Have they started using those helmets with airbags in them yet?

    Them right there sound like hours of fun!
  7. Its a good game to watch but it always seems to me to be a tactical exercise for the coach. The skill sets are with the Q.back and the running-backs. Every one else is there to throw themselves at the opposition. Wearing all that padding means they just need to get their body in the way and its a tackle.

    Atleast with games like rugby (both codes), and games like Aussie rules and Galic footy the tackle needs a lot of skill and ability or the guy will run righ tover you, and more than likely stick the boot in on the way.

    It takes loads of skill, ability, courage and a certain amount of brainlessness to get it right. Rather than an American football tackle, he just needs to be a massive bloke.
  8. How can you say that about American footballers? Does nobody remember the well toned, athletic build of William (refrigerator) Perry?
    IMHO a finer athletic figure has yet to be found.
  9. You're quite right there. It can hardly be callled a team sport when you cant name the whole of your own squad squad.

    Also what is this Rushing statistic malarcky. Why not call it running FFS?
  10. 'Cos, if you watch them carefully you'll notice they are usually in an awful hurry... :wink:

    I started watching American Football in 1980/81 on Sunday evenings on Channel 4. I enjoyed it for the long passes and the rare but incredible hits some players make on the others. I had no idea then that I would move to the USA. After moving I was still watching it for the long passes and big hits when, one day I decided to watch a particular player on the line. I was stunned to notice that a different player didn't just charge headlong dead ahead, (as I had assumed they did), but had dropped back, ran across the line and ploughed in on the other side and helped to make a bigger hole for the running back, (who was in an incredible hurry). It became clear to me then that the game is "physical chess" palyed by two "chessmasters", (the coaches), that require that the eleven players chosen for each move accurately execute the move. As such it becomes a much more interesting sport to watch - if only when you look for the subtleties.

    As to tackling being a matter of simply "getting in the way" I can assure you that there is little more heartbreaking than watching your team lose week in, week out because they can't F%$#&*(G tackle - especially in the open field. Every season I wonder why American Football teams don't hire Rugby players as tackling coaches... It drives me fcuking nutz!!!!
  11. never been able to get my head around it. Did it start out as rugby and then get trashed by the yanks? and why all the body armour can you see that in our rugby matches
  12. I watched it a lot when it was on C4 in the 80s and got quite in to it to watch. only high lights though, anygame with 4 25 minute quarters should not take over 4 hours to complete, its just fecking stupid.
    Yes you get one full hour of play, as opposed to rugby, footy etc were the time is tacken up with throw-in's at that but atleast you know what time you'll be in the pub.