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Septic film about Iraq


War Hero
Can anyone recall what that film was about Iraq - as filmed by a US grunt actually on the ground?

It was discussed here about 8 months ago. It looked quite good, but I can't recall the name of it!


If the one you're talking about is the same one as im thinking about, its "Company of Soldiers"

You can watch it online here:

Company of Soldiers

Thats the one that has the scene in which a dog is shot which was talked about on here a while ago.
for a second , I thought you was going to say Hollywood has brought a film out and i was thinking "Oh well it's just matter of time before they do"


You might be thinking of The War Tapes
A new breed of war film, shot and narrated over the course of a year by three soldiers who took cameras with them into the thick of battle, Deborah Scranton's "War Tapes" provides a uniquely eyes-on, triple-pronged look at the unfolding of "Operation Iraqi Freedom." Mini-cams mounted on dashboards, gun turrets or helmets capture, with unsettling immediacy, the campaign's sudden explosions, chaotic ambushes and 24/7 sense of uncertainty. But the pic's deepest fascination lies in the soldiers' complicated reactions to the war, perceived simultaneously as funny, horrific, stirring and traumatic.

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