Septic Drill Team video

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Run_Charlie!, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. Marines and Navy are known for being show-offs when it comes to ceremonies :p
  2. It's like a cross between a gay trooping the colour, and strictly come dancing!
  3. Very impressive, but just a little bit gay. More dancing than drill...
  4. Oi!

    Great minds think alike...
  5. Coo-ba Gooding doesn't do much either, does he?
  6. What a fcuking shower, but they at least showed more pride in their drill and appearance than our bottom loving boys on gay pride. Anal sex anyone?
  7. Would have preferred to have seen real ballet dancers. Seriously, what's the fcuking point of that? Give them a bloke in an animal costume and you'd have the core of a half decent college marching band.

    Saw a bunch of them mincing along on a real (the President's inaugural) parade last year- absolute bag of w@nk.
  8. That vid is crying out for a Village People In the Navy/YMCA soundtrack

  9. Good point! Why? Joint the navy, See the world, and drill about like a bunch of (Bradford Northern) majorettes. :)
  10. Does someone have the IT skills to "step up to the plate" and do this - record music over and put the video back on the site?
  11. wonder if it ever gone wrong and stabbed anybody or got dropped ?
  12. They can keep hold of their rifles but I bet their forever dropping the soap in the shower
  13. very impressive, but what good does that do in the Navy? Not sure it would help defend against the pirates of the caribbean thats for sure.
  14. They may be pretty, but can they fight?

    I bet they pass the push back test 8O

    Is this a picture of their Temperate drill order? :scratch: