Septic Christians teach kids about sex - via LP!

Sex Education - US style!

The Christian Sex Instruction Album is a rare and antiquated subgenre. Lately Christians have opted for the "less is more" strategy of sex education. That is simply telling their youth that abstinence before marriage is the way to go and don't bother us with details. The umbrella title for this philosophy is called "True Love Waits." The "movement" consists of a pop tune ("True Love Waits") extolling the virtues of self-denial, a wallet-sized pledge card (lamination recommended) and a sports hero celebrity spokesman (The Dallas Mavericks' A.C. Green). Abstinence is good. What's to argue? Having listened to the following albums in one sitting, this shift in policy is quite understandable and perhaps even laudable.

All these .mp3 files are available for download here - simply right click on the red writing and 'Save Target As...'

1. How Babies Are Born

2. Sex - Christian Style!

3. Girls and Menstruation (The Problem with Growing Boys) - Better a year too early - than a week too late!

4. The Marriage Union

Deeply disturbing stuff...
Sh!t, "God's sacred plan" is more than I got from my parents. If my mom had caught me diddling myself I would have been sent to reform school. :roll:
Holy sh1t !

According to this, it would be a sin to waste my semen by feeding it into the mouth of a woman. This cannot be true; it isn't right. By the same token, it is presumably wrong to botty-bop with Mrs. BigDick, for that would be a misuse of what God has given me.

There appears to be no information as to how to return to the wet dreams; they've stopped and I miss them so much. I'd stop w*nking if they were back.
Is this from the RC church?

DD, it reminds me of all those high school guidance films/film strips that were produced in the '50s
The 'Christians' that have produced this, and are also trying to get the theory of evolution banned in schools are gradually getting more positions of power in the US goverment and legistational authorities.

I am sure once they have all the key positions, we will have a real holy war not this half hearted 'God' told me so affair that Mr Bush Jnr has started.

Here's a link about similar, and possibly even better, Canadian "social guidance" films in the 50's:

Budge Crawley

This is also a great resource for the history of the Canadian B-movie industry, including French-Canadian soft-core porn. Hurrah for Lucky Pierre! :D
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