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Discussion in 'Travel' started by TheIronDuke, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Hiring a Septic car. As usual they cannot keep it simple like we do:

    Tiny car
    Small car
    Reps car
    Pay for it on your Gold card and on you go Sir.

    They have 101 options. I have just booked a Premium 4 door Automatic which I imagined would get me a Chevy Impala at the very least. Turns out I have got a Nissan Maxima. Whatever the **** that is.

    Anybody got any tips on how the Septic car hire job works? I require an upgrade from Nissan which are made in Sunderland by monkeys. Cheers.
  2. Take out your own car insurance before ypu travel
  3. ImageUploadedByARRSE1366311334.538712.jpg

    This is what you apparently have now hired. Built in Tennessee

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  4. TID, sign up for Hertz #1 Gold or Avis preferred. Takes a bit of time to get all your preferences entered but it is worth it. Hertz especially offer a good service where your name is on a board and it shows you where your car is parked. No salesman trying to get you to upgrade, just get off the plane, get in the car and drive off. Simples! And it's free.
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  5. Go Usrentacar. Com order a smallish 4 door and blag an upgrade when you get there with your ID card. Works for me every year.
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  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Left to myself I would go for a Dodge Ram 3500 which is a canny motor. The tub will not take half the weight of a Landy HCPU but I do not visit America to haul shit around the place.

    But the bird is truck averse so it is a saloon.

    How come a Full Size gets you a Chevy Impala which is not a bad car. But for £40 more the Premium Size gets you a Nissan Maxima. Which is a ******* Nissan?
  7. Where are you flying to? If one of the big places and you aren't going Hertz or Avis, one of you wait for the cases and the other get in line for the car hire. Orlando is the worst (although Sanford not too bad) Miami a ******* joke and LA the pits. First time in Orlando, about 30 prebooked with Dollar. 2 people on the desk taking about 15 minutes per customer. At 2200, one of them knocked off leaving just one, couldn't give a shit, woman on the desk. Got the car at 2 in the morning and still loads behind me.
    Nissan Maxima not bad, certainly better than some of the Chevy crap they dish out. Be thankful they no longer do the GM Saturn as the automatic seat belts were designed to strangle anyone under 6 foot 6.
  8. Just ask for a Ford Mustang. That is all.
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  9. Last time I was there they gave me a top of the range Lexus and had ordered a GM Saturn, lucky or what
  10. If its anything like when I hire a car, when you land they won't have what you ordered. The US is no different. Doing lots of City Driving in a country like Switzerland where fuel has to be paid for in pounds of flesh - would Sir like a free upgrade to this 8 Seater SUV/Tank? Long Country drive - we're out of Saloons but have this Fiat Cinquecento powered by a lawnmower 2 stroke. They will **** it up I guarantee it, I personally just shout at them till I get an Audi.
  11. Depends which airport you land at, because some of them do the new screen service like a cash machine but drops your keys and prints of some paperwork which you just hand over at the gate. No more sales person trying to blag another 100 dollars for a tank of petrol.

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