Septic Army base on "lockdown" after kit goes AWOL.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. Ever seen Buffalo Soldiers, just saying is all?
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  2. .
    Did some Yank SQMS tell a Brit to 'Yeah just help yerself' to his store?
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  3. Nah, probably swapped it all for a beret & capbadge...
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  4. Wasn't you was it? Well it was just sat there doing nowt. No kingo on exchange duties?:)
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  5. Not that we are prone to this sort of thing anyone remember someone waltzing into Gib bks in 92 and helping themselves to a newish land rover complete with keys:thumright:
  6. From the article...

    Well, that's for the best.

    That's better :D
  7. Found them on ebay! are these the night vision goggles they are looking for? ITEM 160546406944
  8. $600 000 worth of goggles sights and parts there of = aprox 100 troops confined to camp. Wonder who confesses up first to get the $10 000 reward for information pertaining to its return.
  9. Like we've never lost any kit..............
  10. Yeah but our blokes only "borrowed" items, a stalwart to get home to mum, the 432 was just a giggle and landrovers were fair game.
  11. Remember on tour once, there were two crates of NVGs left out the back of the 'chow hall'...
  12. Lewis-McChord, eh?

    On an entirely unrelated matter, is Trumpet Dance still going? I seem to recall it was around this time of year...
  13. $600K? So that would be half a dozen iPads given an NSN and as supplied by BaE.

    Nothing to see here, move along.