Septic and Brit armies not the only ones having difficulties

It seems that the German Bundeswehr is also experiencing difficulties in recruiting career soldiers. I'd hazard a guess that, in addition to the reasons given in the following report, there's also a fear of being sent to hot and dusty places to actually wage war. Since the German Constitutional Court okayed the use of Luftwaffe aircraft in the south of Afghanistan, it's probably only really a matter of time until the Basic Law (Grundgesetz) is changed and allows active deployments. Anyway, here's the report:

And here's a quick translation:

Bundeswehr running out of recruits

The Bundeswehr has increasing difficulty in finding new blood as timeserving and career soldiers. Almost half of the career soldiers would not join the Bundeswehr again.

The reason is the declining number of young men eligible for conscription, according to a confidential report by the Ministry of Defence to the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag), as reported by the “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung“ on Tuesday. In addition, there is the fact that many young people are unsuitable for service due to being overweight. The stark decline in the birth rate in the former GDR is particularly regrettable. The consequence is that there are 50 percent fewer 18-year-olds available there – only 50,000 instead of 100,000. It is thus necessary to bolster the recruitment of new blood in the area of the former FRG.

Even though the Bundeswehr only has 250,000 active soldiers in the meantime, the personnel needs are rather large. In the ongoing year alone, according to the report to the German Federal Parliament, around 2,000 officer cadets would have to be recruited. Additionally, 22,500 young women and men are needed for careers as NCOs and as regular service personnel in the army. In the past, the Bundeswehr has been in a position to make a choice from a multitude of candidates At times, the selection criteria were made even stricter.

Fewer well-qualified candidates

According to the report, there is a risk that the Bundeswehr may have to fall back on less qualified candidates, even though it is still very much dependent on young people with a good education and civilian qualifications in technical and electronic occupations.


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