September or January Intake?


I recently passed my mainboard, and I have been waiting to join the army forever!

I just handed in my resignation from work, and was contemplating going in September. However, the more I think about it I was thinking maybe January. This would allow me to go travelling, get my kit squared away, go to PCC and generally just not be rushed.

Just wondering the different views on the different intakes? I have heard the September intake has all the Welbeck students who would be very cliquey, and seem alot more switched on having done this for a few years previously making it hard for all us civilians to be noticed and get a place in the top 1/3?

Am I just over completing things and paying too much attention to rumor!?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
The September intake is the most competitive, mainly because it has most of the thrusting new graduates in it (and of course Welbexians, most post university). I personally didn't find the Welbexians particularly cliquy, nor did I find that they all tended to make the top third (although some did).

All other things being equal, given my time again, I think I would have opted for the January or May intakes due to the reduced competition. However, given that most of the exercises are in the second term (or always used to be, you might like to consider when the weather is likely to be most pleasant. Likewise, you won't get much time to play sports in your first term, so depending what your favourite sports are and what time of the year they are traditionally played, this may also have a bearing on your decision.

Finally, depending on where you want to end up, you might want to look at what your chosen regiment/battalion are scheduled to be doing in the period after you have passed out of Sandhurst and completed your young officers' course.
January - the worst exercises are in decent weather. Inters is in the summer (term with the most time in barracks which is more chilled due to a lot of faraday hall). Juniors in the dark (makes it go quick). And v chilled out.

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