september, ATR bassingoburn. anybody else joining

i am joining on the 2nd of september. i was just wondering if anybody else is joing that day or around that time. if you would like a chat.

add me on msn

thanks ahead

You do not honestly believe that you will be the only person attending basic training on that day? You must be very special to be a platoon on your own.

I shall call forth a hackey carriage for my immediate departure.
cheerz 4 the sarcastic and useless respsonce. :D

i was asking as in anybody for the forum.

thankyou for wasting your time in posing that.

and myne in replying :D
might be special atchually every1 is going every other ATR :p
Watch out for a fat northern irish girl there. She's going RLC, and is a total mong. If you get her in your section, sacrifice a fattened calf, smear yourself in it's blood, and run like fcuk.
i might atchually end up going RLC... :( ohhh dear.

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