September 9th Catterick, If All Goes Well In Edinburgh

Hi guys, good to be here. Just had a few queries, i'v been promised a place in the rifles at Catterick starting 9th of September if i can succesfully pass selection at Edinburgh on the 25th of July,

The Only worries are as follows,

A. My Spyro test (Or whatever it's called) I had Asthma as a kid, untill the age of 9 and have also smoked untill recently so will this effect my medical results?

B. Upper boby strength, is poop if i'm totally honest and i'm lucky if i can manage 4 pull ups off the bounce is the testing hard for that?

Finally C. My run time is about 9.45 for a mile and a 1/2 do you think that will be good enough?

I'v set my whole career on making this so hopefully i make it in 2 weeks time because to be honest i can't afford to fail
Romeo, the Spyrograph doesn't just effect your results, you do it the night before everyone arrives and ride an excercise bike for ten minutes, and you are predicted a score based on height, weight and years free..

YOU MUST score atleast 80% of this predicted score while resting, and then no less than 10% off of this score again immediately after the workout, and then the same again after a few minutes of rest. Don't quote me on that exactly, but you should be fine, if you fail, you fail I think.. but it's unlikely you will.. i'm in the same boat but my 4 years are up in April next year boohoo, aslong as you don't die when you breath pure oxygen on an excercise bike at 79rpm you'll be fine. Promise me that you'll tell me exactly what happens after you do it, all the best man
I will do mate, i wasn't worried untill they told me i had to go for the test, but i havn't suffered from it since i was 9 and have ran for my city for 4 years and never bothered me then so fingers crossed it'll be ok

Thanks bud i'll let you know how it goes
Yeah man should be fine as i've been told by someone with "paggered lungs, you're more likely to be turned away for being ugly."


I was a worrier but everyone set me straight, so now I stop whining and get physical :)
Trussell said:
Yeah man should be fine as i've been told by someone with "paggered lungs, you're more likely to be turned away for being ugly."


I was a worrier but everyone set me straight, so now I stop whining and get physical :)
Thought you were going to break into a Madonna song with that last sentance :D
finest regiment in the army :D just give it 110% on every test, keep your mouth shut do as your told and most of all enjoy it!
Trussell said:
you do it the night before everyone arrives
Eh? :?

Romeo mate, since I've actually been there recently I'll tell ya;

A. Without getting into how stupid you are to have smoked after asthma...You'll go and do the Spyro at some point during day one when everyone's having their medicals - you'll be given a blue form to fill in, and all the 'blue forms' will jump to the head of the queue for the medicals, once you're all done you go have the spyro assuming you even pass the medicals. I wouldn't worry, if you have that run time I wouldn't have thought you'd have any difficulty - and people who got a naff Peak Flow still passed the Spyro.

B. Don't worry about the pull ups - I passed with 17 but the guy in front didn't do 1 and still passed, it's all about effort, and you don't do any press ups at Glencorse either. When you do the Static lift et al, it's all electronicaly monitored - the only time you lift an actual weight is the dynamic lift, and everyone can do this it's only 55kg.

C. Run time is :thumright: . Despite what they bull you with, 12 mins is the pass mark for males for combat roles, going up to 12:45 for the ACM, AGC (Inc RMP) and Int Corps. Oh and all the PSO's and NCO's up there take bets in press ups about people who reckon they can get sub-10 mins. Some clever f'ker managed to cost the Sgt.Major 100 press ups :D

Oh how he larfed...

Good luck.
cresent you've set us all at ease :) So what do you do for the spyrograph exactly mate? Doesn't sound bad at all :p It especially made me happy that people with naff peak flow passed :D I await my selection, and when I pass i'll jump for joy :D
All the 'blue forms' that passed the medical said that it was a treadmill, you have to wear this oxygen mask that measures for breathing abnormalitie/difficulties and you get wired to an ECG machine. Run for 10 minutes at jogging pace, easy peasy if you don't pass out ;)

Oh with the medicals; if you get the guy who looks like a thin version of Einsten you're f'ked - we managed to work out that he was the one who failed almost everyone who got seen by him. Spent a bit too long touching the old nads too apparently.
Well out of 50 of us, 32 survived the medicals, and 29 of us passed.

Medicals aside; you have to be REALLY weak, and with a bad attitude to fail.

Hand on heart the hardest thing was worrying about it - absolutely cracking couple of days.

PSO interview wasn't anything worry about either - in the icebreaker I revealed (shouldn't have) that I can cook (real food mind), so the PSO and I spent about 20 minutes chatting about food and wines since he learned how to cook too - warned me off of telling anyone that at basic as I'd become the bivvy bitch, and then we chatted about current deployments. At the end he had a quick scan through again of my papers, said I'd done "remarkably well" and gave me the certificate - from what I've heard from other people too, if you've done well during the 2 days then the PSO doesn't really 'interview' you again, though I'm sure that when s/he's 'chatting' they're still taking mental notes about how you are.
Pretty much, and watch out for the middle bed on the far wall of the third room - woke up and it reaked of pi$$ (not mine).

Oh and if you drop a plank on the team task, own up to it ;)

"Lads, one of the pillars of the British Army is integrity and honesty - anybody want to tell me anything?" :D
Lol they're mostly great guys, such a laugh, I look forward to the insight course and I love anything we do as Cadets with the Army, it's great! Anyway.. i'll keep at the fitness, according to an unnamed Sgt. Major that I just spoke to it's a gentle jog while breathing normally, (unless you're REALLY unfit) and also I just sorted a place on the Insight course which I hope is good, and i'll be 2 months from eligibility! :p
Thanks for all the insight Crescent - I'm up at Glencorse on 2nd August, and panicking a bit! But then I realise that its not gonna be anywhere near as bad as I expect, and calm down. Then I panic again!! Hahaha!
Trussell said:
Okay, so compell myself, keep the right attitude, do a bit of physical work before hand and I should be fine? :)
Pretty much fella yes.

I did a jog a week for a month or two before my selection seriously thought I didnt have the fitness. The reason I did so little was because I was working, 6am till 6/7/8pm some nights and was always too shattered to get motivated and go out so it was only really weekends i'd train.

Throughout the selection days I was cacking it incase I was so unfit I would end up failing, but luckily I passed it with flying colours.

Give 110%, keep your gob shut when you supposed to and make yourself heard in the team tasks and you'll be fine providing your medical all goes well.

Good luck.

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