September 2009 Intake

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Danielsonson, May 12, 2009.

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  1. Danielsonson

    Danielsonson Swinger

    Advice taken - Posting Removed!

    Just trying to be friendly - will now be usual grumpy b* self! :)

    cant say i didn't try ;-)
  2. barbs

    barbs LE


    I don't think this is the wisest post of the day. You may wish to protect your privacy slightly more.

  3. You should be locked up you perv
  4. Chad_Vader

    Chad_Vader Clanker

    Say goodbye to her, say hello to sluts in Fleet, Guildford, Reading etc etc!
  5. HH_2

    HH_2 Old-Salt

    If you are looking to have a chat to people potentially on your CC before you arrive, why not join one of the many facebook groups I've seen which someone inevitably starts.

    Generally closed groups as well so might be better than waving personal info all over arrse!
  6. RustyH

    RustyH War Hero

    There is a CC093 group on Facebook with about 50 people in, and it is a closed group so your probably better off there.
  7. Danielsonson

    Danielsonson Swinger

    Thanks Rusty H!