Seppo Medals

Have you heard about the Pentagon's new Distinguished Warfare Medal?

It ranks above the Purple Heart and is awarded to drone operators and cyberwar practitioners for "extraordinary achievement" in a post 9/11military operation.

A chap on a mailing list that I am on has requistioned the keys to the outrage bus and I concede that the logic sounds strange to me

What are your thoughts?
Who cares really? Bloody yanks get medals for tying their own Boot laces, so one more piece of Walt tat won't hurt will it
Can I have a medal for firing the SLR (and fucking my hearing).
Can I have a medal for firing the SLR (and fucking my hearing).
Me too, and one for service's to the german brewing industry.
Need one for finishing off a Sherman with one foot wedged against the bog door to stop the horde of typhoid ridden zombies interrupting the performance.


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The beef that many are having in the US with this medal is that it ranks above the Bronze Star for valour in Battle. Which is bollocks really.

Reading US Medals is actually easier than UK medals. Look for a CIB/CAB rather than the 25m Swimming Certificate pinned to their chest. In the UK because of Theatre Medals not being differentiated between Combat and Support you can't tell the difference as easily.

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