Seperatist movements in the EU

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gary Cooper, Oct 5, 2017.

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  1. Wales is an oddity though, Labour MPs are fairly independent but still determined to show how incompetent they are and trying to put more effort into nepotism than the main Labour party, and meanwhile showing how badly run the NHS can be given half the chance

    The best joke is when Jeremy Corbyn complains about how bad the NHS is run in Wales, whilst trying to not to notice it's Labour running it
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  2. It's called your insinuation that anything your country did involving Crimea, up to and including completely rigging a vote as well as invading a sovereign state against the terms of a treaty YOUR country had agreed to, was anything remotely comparable to even what happened in 1918 is beyond fantasy
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  3. I heard an interesting bit this week on Radio 4 regarding the Scottish independence referendum. It said that neither London or Edinburgh wanted a UK wide vote as London knew the majority would vote for Scotland to leave. Edinburgh also knew this but really wanted to remain as they knew that London would then give them more powers and money whilst still being there to be used as whipping boy when things went wrong.
  4. That was clear when Salmond was backed into the "Yes/No" corner instead of the preferred "Yes/No/DevoMax" position by someone as inept as Cameron, they were not ready to call for the referendum but they just had to jump the gun and do so even though they had no plan for any possibility of things going "their" way. DevoMax was the preferred position, and that was whipped off the table PDQ.

    Much as Cameron subsequently did regarding Brexit, suggesting there may well be a psychological trait of stupidity that must be present before becoming the leader of any political party.
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  5. He also wanted large parts of it concreted over and to then the remaining parts to be nothing more than a peasant society of farmers - never allowed to build up industry again. After seeing the utter destruction and murderous actions of the feckers in a mere 6 years who can blame him?
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    It didn't happen, though, so it's neither here nor there. The Soviets did strip their occupied zone of its machinery and some of its rocket scientists (though the US did better in that particular competition).

    Germany is re-united and doing rather well on a global level despite their current problems.
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  7. Yep, and lots of others things are also neither here nor there for Germany's ability to keep on doing rather well on a global level?..... let's see what the future brings as it seems that their clever little game may go the same way as other their regimes.
  8. Outer Hebredese? Are they after independence from Scotland or GB?
  9. At referendum time Shetlands were not keen on being in Scotish Republic, talk of UDI, remaining with UK or even going back to Norway.
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  10. Wales is mainly an Agricultural Country - apart from the two strips of Land,one on the North Coast and one on the South Coast - as they have so much land, it's pushed up into Mountains !

    Most of the Plaid Cymru demands have been met by successive Govts., in London,thus weakening Plaid Cymru's Raison d'Etre.
    There are now Welsh speaking Schools / Welsh road signs AND the Welsh Language ( Defod Y Ddraig ) which many 'luke warm' Nationalists WERE interested in - therefore,what is left ?

    The point raised about nepotism is well said - oddly enough by Labour Party supporters - and signs are showing there is a weakening of Labour support.

    Former rabid supporters of Independence,have realised that an Independent Wales could not survive economically.

    Apart from Farming / Retirement Homes / the smattering of Companies in hi-tech is not enough to support Independence.
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  11. Things aren't as cut and dried in Catalonia as they seemed a week ago.

    350,000 Spanish unionists in Catalonia demonstrated over the weekend against the proposed UDI.

    Spanish unionists find their voice in huge Barcelona rally

    Some MPs in the Catalan Democratic Party are getting a bit shaky about the consequences of going it alone and Puigdemont may just make a symbolic declaration of independence tomorrow.

    The sudden realisation that independence may not turn out to be all it's cracked up to be has been hammered home by the suggestion that banks and businesses will relocate to Madrid should Catalonia make the break.

    Of course as is usual, there are a few differing independence movements and both the Candidatura d'Unitat Popular (CUP) and Assemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC) are pushing for full independence.

    Meanwhile in French-occupied "Northern Catalonia"

    Solidarity and unease in France's 'Northern Catalonia'
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  12. Only some of them are real independent movements. There isn't a real nationalist reason, money talks as the Scottish referendum showed. People voted just for their pockets, they thought they would have lost money rather than gaining so they voted remain. Now they want a revote because after Brexit they think they would have more money inside the EU. Catalunya is the richest region in Spain so they voted to leave.
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