Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by beardo, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. I Split with my wife whilst in Germany, I had to go to the pay office to sign some paper to revert me back to a Singley status and receive the correct pay / allowences etc. Does this make me Legally seperated in the eyes of the Civvy law, as Im now out and looking to divorce after 4 years of being "Seperated"?? Heard that after 5 years of being Seperated you can divorce without too much hardship??

  2. Its usually only 2 years I think so you should be fine
  3. It's two years if both parties agree, if one doesn't then it's five. At least tha's how it was on mine. :wink:
  4. Cheers!!!

    If my wife @ 30 Sigs is reading this............ I AGREE!!! I AGREE!!! Get in Touch!!!
  5. Got divorced a couple of years ago - Agree with Scalie, 2 years if both consent, 5 if one party doesn't.
    Although the Army gets you to sign your paperwork you will still not be considered a full Singley again until you present the pay office with your Decree Absolute.
    If it's all amicable then you can do the divorce yourself if not be prepare to get Lawyered Up!!

  6. But signing the bit of paperwork 4 yrs ago to say I was now living back in the Block and to receive Single Soldiers LOA, does that class me as seperated, now that Im out??
  7. Separation! No, the military Marital Status system doed not have any effect on your legal married status but it may be helpful in providing evidence to a court.

    You really need to get yourself a decent (affordable!) solicitor. Your ex may be after any lump sum you got when you left and either your Immediate or Preserved Pension. You will find information about Pensions and divirce on the MoD's or AFF's websites