seperation of families

I was in a similar situation when I first moved out to BFG, it took 6 weeks to get an MQ and I was a Cpl at the time. However the only practical solution i can give you is for your husband to ask permission of his C.O. to live out and hire a flat until your MQ is ready. This is of course is if you are financially flush enough to do it and feel that it is necessary. If not then wait it out and make the move with employing a reputable firm to move you so that you are not involved in any of the lifting and carrying. They will pack everything from top to bottom and everything they pack is insured. If you pack it it's down to your insurance. Best of luck. D.D.
that all sounds abit shitty doesnt it. whay is there reason for not accomodating you all then ? god i hope this doesnt happen to us. cant anything be down to change things ? i hope everything works out for you all.

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