Seperate Light Div battalions

Heard a rumour that all the RGJ and LI companies of the regional TA regiments are going to be made seperate again and organised into two, nation-wde, independent battalions.

Anyone else heard anything about this re-org?
No-one mention that "4RGJ" word...Doh!

I have heard that is a plan - but then I have also heard counter rumours involving the 2nd Bn of a particular regiment with a Light Coy in each Bn (Napoleonic structure anyone?) - there is a thread on this topic already.

I think the answer is wait and see what happens when the blood and dust settles from the regular reorganisation - there is even a rumour going round that the LI and RGJ may merge to form one large rifle regiment.

Independent light Bns would make a lot of sense from a identity point of view, but not much from a training/admin/support point of view - having disparate companies scattered across the UK would be a nightmare. Even if the idea is for the TA to be linked to their appropriate Reg Bn, I can't see the Reg RHQ providing all the day to day admin support - at least in the current system there is a central, local support network.
well if you think reading milton keynes and portsmouth are local to each other i doubt it could get much worse
More local than Cornwall, Shropshire and Durham are.
The old 5LI and 5RRF when they had companies all over the country were very successful. Non of this tight control by the CO. They got on with their jobs and at the odd Bn weekend performed.

If one takes the reorganisation of the infantry to its logical conclusion, given the arguments put forward by the powers that be then there is no room for such regiments as the LI or RGJ or Fusileers (and indeed the Para must change).
i thought the latest plan was to attach ta companies to regular battalions
but as a pte dosent really concern me i just do what i am told :lol:
we all no any reorganisation will be worse than the one before
The light div TA coys have been conspicuously effective in supporting their regular counterparts as well as providing formed platoons for Fingal and Telic. The light div has never treated the TA as poor relations, has habitually sent first rate SNCOs as PSIs and have been encouraging service on S type engagements for years before FTRS was ever dreamt of.

The light div coys in the 4 TA Bns that have them have provided the greater percentages of personnel mobilised from those Bns so far and this has not gone without notice. The RGJ badged personnel in both the RRV and London Regt are better recruited than their heavy counterparts five years after the amalgamations.

Light Div ethos works and the fact that the corporation wishes to capitalise on this should be welcomed.

Asmentioned on other threads, TA inf is to expand in terms of Bns (all tA Bns are to be 4 coy strong), but with only six or seven additional coys.

I expect 4 TA Bns to be light div. athough "4 RGJ" is to be 2nd bn London Regt
sandy_boots said:
Asmentioned on other threads, TA inf is to expand in terms of Bns (all tA Bns are to be 4 coy strong), but with only six or seven additional coys.
Is that HQ Coy and 3 rifle coys per Bn - with no support Coy? Sort of like the old Home Defence Bn structure.
sandy_boots said:
4 rifle coys each of 2 pls and a man Sp Pl and a small HQ coy.
So if LI/RGJ/RRF bns are formed chances are some Sp Plns are gonna have to be reroled, is their any LI mortar Plns for example.

Was part of the Fire Support Bn experiment, we had to change from a Inf Coy to a Mortar Pln once we'd done that we went back to a rifle pln (loosing 50% of Cpls/Sgts on each change).

They do like to waste tax payers money, I'm now going on my 4th class 1 course (only 2 of them caused by SDR's/Option for change)

Not sure about LI mortar platoons - I've never seen an Arfer at Div, but there are certainly two RGJ badged mortar platoons going.

Having said that, D ( Inf ) is querying the need for TA mortars.

Does that mean the regulars don't want support weapon specialists from the TA? Or is the TA Inf Battalions being viewed as pool of reserves and a Home Defence units (I think the old Home Defence Bn's lost Mortars in 1990, they changed to Recce Plns).

Life without mortars.... its not worth living anymore
Tyne Tees have an LI Mortar Platoon.

Have heard a rumour that TA Inf Bns will all have a Mor Pl, Atk Pl and Asslt Pnrs with some re-roling necessary. We shall see in due course.....
I believe the plan for the 4 Man Sp Pls to be 1 x MG Pl, 1 x Recce, 1 x Asslt Pnr plus either a Mortar OR Anti Tank Pl (i.e not both in one bn).

A bit chinese whipsers this one as my sources are several chairs removed from those that plan, but dine with them daily.
So when are we going to get the TA Inf Bdes back? Probably doesn't matter to Inf but I wouldn't mind being exercised in the job I'm trained to do (In a Inf Bde Signal Squadron)

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