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I need advise. A friend has told me her husband no longer wants to be with her. She has a mash of questions in her head.
I've told her she has an entitlement to her 93days in her quarter which she knows of. However also has the following questions:

1. As she does not work and has 2 children would her husband have to provide any financial support other than paying for the accommodation? Example: would he contribute LOA to her (bfg).

2. Would she be entitled to any additional financial support until she has found accommodation within the UK?

3. To be entitled to removals, does she have to go via housing in cotteswald? She may have found alternate housing (possibly council) but could she still go direct to this accommodation and still have an entitlement to removals?

The process hasn't yet started for separation but will be starting soon, she however doesn't have much faith in the UWO. Would this marriage issue affect her husbands deployment status?
As you can imagine she's not sure what to expect and is quite worried especially with supporting her children.

Any help or advice, point in the right direction would be greatly thanked

She might not have any faith in the UWO, but the Welfare office will be well experienced in dealing with situations like this. And she needs all the help she can get.
Use the welfare services available, she may not have much faith in the uwo but this is their job, other resources such as those mentioned above are available

Note that strictly speaking she is not 'entitled' to 93 days, but her husband remains responsible for the sfa charge (rent) for 93 days following notice of the estrangement and she is given notice to leave in 93 days. She remains liable for other bills (though if they are in his name she could leave it to him and ignore them, depending on how amicable this is, or if she wishes to make changes may need him to be involved in notifying the suppliers - EG electricity, gas, cable/sattelite etc)

At the end of the 93 days she should leave, if she hangs on then she faces eviction. The chances of bailiffs kicking the door of sfa and dragging her out are slim, she could just get letters or they may be more active, but at this point she would be liable to pay 'damages for tresspass' which is effectively the rent charge but with no entitlement / agreement to be there

The ideal is for her to have the help available and to use that to assist for arrangements with getting moved out to her future home

Note that as the seperation has not officially started there can be another option beforehand, a reconciliation period can take place first. This allows him to move out to sla and to work on the relationship with space, if that fails then it can move to estrangement
That can extend the periods and allow them the chance to see of reconnciliation is possible


I know it is not the right thing but tell her to wait till she gets the eviction notice as the council will be funny and tell her that she left of her own will and is at the bottom of the list .
So dig in and wait for the kids sake!

Using Jedi mind trick
In short no, no and no to each of your questions. However there are a multitude of welfare and family organisations that will help. The first port of call has to be the UWO, despite what she thinks of them they will be best placed to help or initiate the help required.
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