Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SKJOLD, Nov 29, 2004.

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  1. Bring it on!

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  2. Wheres the cotton wool.

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  1. Should Milling be re-introuduced into the CMS(R).

    Its a good indicator at an early stage of training to a persons willingness to fight.
    It shows the recruit/soldier that although he/she maybe bruised, they are still alive.

    Its barbaric and archaic. There are many fine soldiers serving who have not Milled ever and have no need to prove their metal.
    It does not reflect the 'thinking mans soldier' that is required for modern soldiering.

  2. I'm still best mayed with the bloke I milled with in basic.

    It should be taken as it's meant to be.
  3. Sorry should read "mates with the bloke".
  4. Bollocks to milling just 'fix bayonets' and go for it!
  5. gather you never done any milling then!!
  6. Bloody silly idea, milling. P Company does it, I believe, the Marines don't. I think. Sums it all up really.

    War is about maximum violence as far as I'm concerned - gloves off, in other words - and you don't do that to your mates.
  7. Nicely said, did you do knitting in basic training or just stick to balloon knot puncturing with the DS?
  8. Milling, regardless of what social workers will claim IS a very good indication of determination. I have seen the recruit who was incredibly fit and competant in the field RUN out of the square on three occassions before being fcuked off, basically a coward and not someone any of us wanted to be around... got rid of him soon enough. I'm not saying that milling is the be all and end all but it is a worthwhile addition to training. It certainly demands determination to keep going regardless of the punishment being delivered or taken.

    With the current standard of civil society and the recruits joining today it would be a very good leveller and would certainly seperate the men from the boys. This of course for teeth arms as wimmin should not be at the front :D

    As stated previously, not an ultimate test but one which saves a lot of time, saves tax payers money, and helps to seperate "The wheat from the chaff"

    Prepare to mill.... Mill
  9. Must agree even in the Medical services I remember doing it

    Or as said in the Teetharm

    drill.......drill :D :D :mrgreen:
  10. [

    War is about maximum violence as far as I'm concerned - gloves off, in other words - and you don't do that to your mates.[/quote]

    ?????????? If they cant take it they shouldnt join, besides if you can dish it out to your mates and take it in return in a controlled envirnoment what will johnny foreigner get?

    "You dont do that to your mates" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: what hold hands instead and talk about your feelings? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. I once got a pair of identical twin brothers to mill against each other - well, they were certainly evenly matched - and they beat the living shite out of each other :D I can't say I particularly enjoyed the experience on the couple of occasions I've 'milled' but it's hard to see that it did - or could do - any lasting damage.
  12. Nothing wrong with a battering in the ring.

    Unfortunately as an officer I always got matched with the biggest fcuking gorilla they could find and saw stars on many an occasion. I never went down though :wink:

    Harmful? is it fcuk!

    I took particular delight in watching the CO (who was a total knobjockey)join in the reigmental milling on one occasion against a specially selected junior trooper who absolutely kicked his arrse :twisted: :oops:
  13. A big disappointment to the lads, no doubt.
  14. Im sure it was was :wink:

    They were more entertained by a fellow rupert who hit the deck so often we thought he was breakdancing :lol:
  15. You know Shagane, then? 8O