Separated illegally

I have just read in the Sunday Telegraph an article which has reported that a couple whose daughter was taken away from them (sorry no link, Page 12) cannot have her back.

"A judge who approved the removal after he found that the father had been confrontational (can you blame the father?) towards social workers who had come to monitor his family. This couple have not been accused of harming this child and are both professional. Council officials claimed that the child was "likely to suffer significant emotional or physical harm" because of her mother's history of mental illness. There were episodes were the mother was filmed in hospital when the mother had failed to wake up when the child cried. The mother wanted a shower before feeding, she appeared to lose concentration when feeding the child, she failed to change the nappy promptly. The judge said that the care had been deficient.

Of course the mother wont wake up instantly. She had just a fcuking caesarean so was understandably tired. The lack of concentration is obviously a result of fatigue.

This seems to be another example of councils meeting Government targets for adoptions. It is absolutely fcuking disgraceful that a bunch of useless, inefficient, in-your-face bureaucratic simpletons have the power to do this. Had the child been at risk then I personally would have agreed but because of unsubstantiated claims this couple now have to go through the heartbreak of not seeing their child grow up. No social worker is ever named and they should be and they should be held accountable.

There is also a letter (Page 26) about a woman who, having been found not guilty in a court of law, of abuse cannot have her children back as they were taken into care. The type of abuse isnt mentioned but it is yet another example of this nanny state continuously meddling in family life and undermining an important fabric of social life.

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An example of those in authority following the path of least resistance; easy, unproven accusations and a target met, whilst the cases that truly need to be dealt with end up in a morass of incompetence that often ends with a child's death.
If you put the above criteria to the Gypo's and chav's who have kids then all of them would be in care
I am not surprised at all.

Social Workers are a law unto themselves. I took a beating from the ex's bloke and some of his mates. I was told by a Social Worker that I should not have gone to see my daughter at her School with the facial cuts and bruises I had as it would "only designed to upset her", after contacting them twice in an effort to make some kind of contact I was told by the same Social Worker to "stop this Vendetta against my Ex", at the Access hearing she turned up and basically backed up my Ex and her Bloke by saying that I was being irresponsible for letting my daughters see my injuries !!, while my Ex and the Bloke that did it got her support.

First time I have ever heard my Solicitor swear.
Not knowing the full circumstances but:

Most of these social workers dont even have kids and to them its just another case. FCUKWITS.

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