Separate TA R Sigs Act of Remembrance

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Devils_Playmate, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. I'm not sure if I'm feeling particularly outraged for no reason or not, so am willing to take advice from those of you out there.

    On 9 Nov this year the vast majority of us will participate in some form of collective National act of remembrance. We know the time, we know the date, we do this privately and publicly to honour those we knew, and to honour those that went before. We remember all individuals who have donned a uniform and have fallen.

    Why then is there a separate act later that day purely for the TA element of the Corps taking place at the recently laid memorial? I'm confused. Surely this flies in the face of the One Army concept as it's not open to all, it's an exclusive group. This group isn't based on unit lines (we all recognise the need for separate unit acts of remembrance) it is instead based solely on being a member of the TA.

    Does the National act in the morning not incorporate the reservist soldier? I am annoyed at the fact that any work to unify at unit level, appears to be disrupted by the CofC, with something that so clearly excludes elements of the Corps. I wonder what the reaction to mandating only Regular attendance at Corps act would be. If there is a separate regular act at the Corps memorial then I will get back in my box and leave it to the CofC to assess the damage that these separate acts would cause. If there isn’t, then how on Earth can this separate act be endorsed by the Corps family?

    This is not an opportunity to start either Regular or TA bashing, the question is asked seriously.
  2. Its a Corps event to act as both a remembrance event and part of TA100 hence funnily enough the involvement of the TA.

    See you there.
  3. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    This act of remembrance is intended to be a fitting "closing event" for the year of TA100 celebrations. Plan is to have at least one representative from every TA R SIGNALS Unit. Deliberately kept small so as NOT to deflect attention from the larger events during the day or indeed take too many people away from the main celebration.

    No offence is intended to any member of the Regular Corps but TA 100 is a uniquely TA issue.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    So why is it R SIGNALS(V) only?

  5. TA100 aside, this is an act of remembrance by only a portion of the Corps, for only a portion of the Corps. Units (Regular and Territorial) hold their respective acts of remembrance wherever that may be, and by doing so we pay our respects to all.

    There was no need for this to be a Territorial only event. What better PR than having a Corps event, where all possible units were represented, paying respect for all of our fallen (Territorial and Regular). Still invite the press, still add the hype. Then use the event to mark the end of the TA 100 with a statement about the unity of a Corps, Regular and Territorial facing the future together as ONE-Just a thought.

    Edited to remove the element that I used to support the Regular/Territorial split. Must keep up! :wink:
  6. No offence was taken by myself, and certainly not by all those who viewed this post and didn't comment! I just wanted to raise the point for discussion, and to highlight it to the CofC. With the result of maybe raising a little discussion or generating some thought.
  7. The TA would have probably been swallowed up by a joint function (not by ill intent). This one army thing is a fad, we are different but still one. We have have only been in the same corps since 1908.

    I've been in two units that focused on their TA predecessors on remembrance parades for years, is that wrong? I intend to join one of them this year to remember one of our fallen (ex-RSigs BTW).

    I think we should be different and that should be accepted, so we can all come out of it as one (forward as one - some readers will understand that).
  8. You mention that you'll be attending a unit act of remembrance. These cannot be frowned upon at all, and I have already stated this. So no, it's not wrong and thank you for agreeing with the original point. A separate Territorial act is not one based on an affiliation to any one unit; it shows a further level of separation that not everybody is aware of. I know that I would be open to more than enough abuse on this site, if I were to say that I want to organise a Corps event at the Corps memorial, but only for attendance by regular units (maybe on the next significant Corps Anniversary!).

    As for your last point, it goes off topic. I don't want to be drawn in to a discussion about differences, because there are many and that is not the point of this post. You enjoy your differences and I'll acknowledge them, just be happy that you will never be excluded from a Corps event, because of the fact that you have (V) after your unit title (again, I’ll gladly acknowledge if I am wrong about this point).