Separate Shitters for Officers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ChuffChart, Jul 18, 2008.

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  1. Having just returned from Ops in Afghanistan I thought I would submit my offering for wider debate.

    Synopsis: I go to the TCU (ablution unit) that I have been using for the last 3 and a half months only to find that it has been designated “Officers Only” (sign on the door).

    Now I have my own opinion on this but that is not the question, I just wondered whether the wider Arrse community had an opinion on the matter one way or the other.

    I am interested if anyone can present a valid argument for the segregation of Officers / ORs ablution facilities on operations.

  2. 12 Mech Bde?
  3. You could liken it to apartheid! Any officer worth his salt would think that's a disgusting idea!

    I'd sneak into the Officers block in the dead of night, and make my disgust known by way of a dirty protest.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Simplest and most direct way to make the point. It's obviously a orficer who fancies himself a cut above the plebery under his command.
  5. We have the same here with parking spaces. I got my ARRSE chewed a few weeks ago by a RAF Gp Capt about using his parking space as it meant he had to park elsewhere. I think he was more concerned about having to walk a little further than normal (an extra 20 metres).

    As I walked away I got to thinking how pathetic it was when viewed against the stuff going on in sunnier climes. I turned around and told him so and he took every word without a flinch and just walked off. Never heard from him again.

    I think he got the message.

    Class A throbber.;
  6. RHIP.....
  7. How the fcuk would it be 12 Mech if he's just returned?
  8. Damn right, when I was a sprog they wouldn't even let me in their Mess, which I thought was ridiculous, I mean, we all go to war together, why not drink together?

    They even kicked off when I bought some pips off ebay and started wearing them about camp! Talk about one rule for one, and one for another.

    Apart from the scientifically proven fact that Commissioned turds smell of roses, and OR's leave a liquid acidic curry based mess all over the seat and pan, I can't think of any reason!
  9. The officer's only toilets were introduced for your benefit, to prevent embarrasment on your behalf. After all, who wants to witness a pair of pale, spotty buttocks suspended over a trap, straining to release an anaemic turd complete with a sperm topping?
  10. Because you/they* are hats?

    *Delete as applicable.
  11. Too right, I remember my sh!t used to pong but miraculously just as soon as I was commissioned it now only smells of roses.
  12. I used to use some 'officers toilets' on Telic. It was usual to find it:
    - skidded up
    - unflushed
    - toilet paper strewn over the place

    Honestly, they were grim, unusable sometimes. I don't know if it's a Sandhurst thing, but I wouldn't leave my toilet at home in the same state. I can't even blame it on them having been students in a previous life. 'cos I've been one, and we woudn't leave the toilets like that. It could be that Sandhurst has taught them to have no shame. Jeez, imagine leaving a toilet stinking, to be followed in by someone.

    In fact, maybe that's the reason. Junior ranks finding the traps in sh t order immeidately following officers use. Can only be bad for morale and these officers need their respect protecting in the face of being incapable of humane toilet use.
  13. It's because they're waiting for Jeeves to clean up after them.
  14. The only reason I'd follow you anywhere would be out of curiosity. :roll:
  15. Don't hofficers toilets have a bowl full of chanel no.5 and a flunky handing them pieces of raw silk toilet roll? :?

    No? No good reason then, maybe the ruperts don't want to catch some sort of nasty peasant disease 8O