Separate RMAS forum required?

Those young thrusters at the chappie factory are NOT officers! And some of them never will be! Is it

  • Yes. Red-arrse wannabes, bother someone else with your whining about things WE all managed.

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  • No. Welcome, you soon to be leaders of men.

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  • Yes. It should also include daft RCB questions.

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  • No. It would only encourage them to ask even dumber questions.

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This is the 'Officers' forum.

Those young thrusters at, or trying hard to get into, the Chappie Factory, despite their undoubted abilities, seem unable to notice the 'stickies' at the head of this forum.
I'd rather work alongside someone who has learned to ask a 'daft' question than with someone who believes they know everything.

What a pointless thread.
Here's my tuppence worth. Having just passed RCB, I feel i'm probably one of the young throbbers, er I mean thrusters that you are concerned about. I managed to mudle along without asking any questions that had already been answered in the sticky threads. However, I did have to ask a couple of what I thought were pertinent questions, which recieved a good response:

Here's one..

Here's another..

I have to say that if there was a separate RMAS/RCB/Briefings forum, then the kind fellows who helped me would not have come across my posts, and I'd still be in the dark. I can see how it is a pain to deal with repeated "what's the window?" and "how many press ups o I have to do?" type queries, but to be honest with you, the general standard of chat in here is pretty stinking, and I think the only reason a lot of people ever come into this part of the site is to abuse people who ask silly questions, and to pretend that they wear barbour jackets and enjoy field sports. So, unhatched crow I may be, but here is my plan:

1) Keep abusing those who haven't shown the initiative to trawl through the information already available

2) Start some more interesting topics, and post on them. I would not consider topics such as "Is it ok to bang the fitty lance jack who works at RHQ" interesting if I heard them in a mess, so why are they deemed ok here?
Sorry, it may be me, but in the sticky section above, is there not a thread called - Sandhurst - all factory chat in here please ? I know it is Friday but for *&^%$ sake !.


This question has been asked before - as recently as last week IIRC - and the answer remains the same. One of the major benefits of Arrse is that people who haven't done things, e.g. RCB, RMAS, P Company etc, get to ask questions of people who have done them. I suspect that were there a separate RMAS forum, many fewer officers would bother to look at it and read the posts, and thus answers to legitimate questions would be coming from a smaller pool of responders and would thus reflect a narrower range of experience.

What I will do is move future RMAS, RCB and PCB queries into the appropriate sticky if there is no obvious reason for them not to be there.
NAP6W said:
Sorry, it may be me, but in the sticky section above, is there not a thread called - Sandhurst - all factory chat in here please ? I know it is Friday but for *&^%$ sake !.
Read the opening post!
Like you were told at school - don't just read the first page, delve a little deeper. You will then see it change direction.

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