Sep Blatter wants Alternative to Penalty Shoot-out.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by rmgbem, May 25, 2012.

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  1. "FIFA president Sepp Blatter has asked Bayern Munich honorary president Franz Beckenbauer to come up with an alternative to the "tragedy" of penalty shoot-outs".

    BBC Sport - Sepp Blatter wants penalty shoot-out alternative

    I think it's dramatic, gives the TV Stations the drama and hysteria they want and is a far better option to a coin toss or a replay (too costly, environmentally unfriendly) and usually end up an anticlimax for both sides and their fans. Can't see TV tolerating "sudden death" as that could go on and on.

    It's penalties for me - any other views?
  2. Head butting contest,,last man standing wins for his team,,,,,,
  3. I think that football should be banned globally. Anyone caught playing the gayest game of games should be shot, in public.
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  4. Just a shoot out, not penalties. That'll give them sudden death
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  5. If Sepp Blatter is involved it will probably end up that after 90 mins goals will be sold to the highest bidder.
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  6. After the normal extra time you take the goal keeper off the pitch - no replacement.

    Then every 5 minutes each team has to remove one player per side.
    If you want drama then let the opposing team pick who has to go off from the other team.

    First goal wins.

    Simples (as it seems the custom to say at this point)
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  7. How about whoever palms enough cash to Sepp wins the match?
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  8. What's the betting he wouldn't be saying this if the english team had lost at the shoot-out.

    the cnut
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  9. In all seriousness though there are enough stats in the game to come up with something.

    The fairest way (following a draw after 90 minutes) is shots on target. This will force teams to play rather than sit behind the ball and hit on the break.

    The game will certainly be more entertaining.
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  10. american shootout - start at half way line and have three touches plus a shot
    crossbar challenge would be interesting

    golden goal again
  11. I can't see the problem with penalties myself. As a Fulham Road boy myself I watched last weeks final and thought that Munich should have battered us.

    The fact they didnt finish us off, fucked up a penalty opportunity and then couldnt scrape together enough volunteers for the shoot-out so fielded their goalie means they only have themselves to blame.

    For me penalties adds to the drama.

    Oh and Sepp is a complete spunk trumpet who needs a corrective shoe-ing with an extra 5 minutes injury time shoe-ing added on.
  12. The title should be "Sepp Blatter seeks way to stop English teams frustrating continentals play style"
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  13. I used to think you were alright. A bit of a ****, but generally alright.
    So dissapointed. Another hero bites the dust. *sniff*
  14. I dont know, you swallow the sick and call a Welshman mate and all you get in return is abuse.

    I'm telling my old girl on your ya 'orrible bastard.
  15. Keep the penalties and find an alternative to Sepp Blatter. So the German speaking President of Fifa asks a German linked to a German club that lost the Champions League final in Germany on penalties to an English club to find an alternative to penalty shoot outs. Absolutely no coincidence there at all whatsoever and anyone who suggests there might be clearly doesn't understand the game of football as well as say........................A German.
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