Seoul - South Korea

Afterrnoon gents anyone been to Seoul recently?Flying out next week for a few days and was looking for any tips and advice to make the trip as great as possible.
Decent sunscreen. I hear they've got buckets of instant sunshine coming their way - wouldn't want to get skin cancer would you?

On a serious note there's a restaurant you're supposed to go to, but for the life of me I can't remember the name...


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Why pay to go? If you stick around, you might get an all-expenses paid trip there anyway.
Don't miss out on Itaewon and Hooker Hill. There's a small kettle shop at the bottom of the hill that serves a good Soju mix. It goes well with ramyon and bulgogi.
Visit the DMZ, the Yanks run a well organized trip, lunch included:

Also order the book 'To The Last Round by Andrew Salmon'

A dazzling read of the Battle of the Imjin River , from Amazon it's just over a fiver and post free.

The food booz and people are terrific and taxis are cheap.

Have a great trip

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