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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. I was absolutely outraged this morning. The sentencing for those two scumbags who murdered the lad in Liverpool with an axe is being delivered today. The newsreader said that the sentence will be doubled because the crime was racially motivated. That is outrageous. Firstly let me say that the death penalty should be brought back for this kind of senseless murder, but what makes a racially motivated murder worse than a sexually motivated murder, or a drug related murder, or any murder at all. There is no difference. Murder is murder. These scumbags should not have their sentence doubled for the crime. It should be twice as long as it is anyway. The point is why is one type of murder seen as worse than another. How would you feel if your child had been murdered ? This is PC gone insane. All murders are equally as heinous, and there should be no difference in sentencing policy.
  2. I totally agree with you mate, but this is Bliar's idea of how Britain should function. It's showing political correctness, which is all that matters now, or so it seems.

    What's even more enraging is that they'll get "Life"...... which means about 15 years. Life should mean life, and not with playstations, Sky and table footie either.
  3. I agree in essence with what you are saying, but racially motivated murders are perpetrated because of who or where someone has come from. Thats another level of nastiness compared to a bar room brawl or a gang fight gone wrong.

    Still a great shame that it took the fact that it was racially motivated to even contemplate giving them 30yrs!
  4. Simple solution
    Long drop from a short rope.
    No-one can say that a death tarriff isn't a deterent.
  5. I do agree with you in s ofar as a racial murder is a murder regardless and all murders should therefore be dealt with exactly the same - extremely harshly.
    However, predetermined murders will get you a longer sentence than a murder that happened in the heat of the moment won't it? To be fair there is a distinction, loosing your rag and clocking someone over the head during an argument and them dying, is very different from deciding; I'm going to kill him because he's black.

    Edited to add: Darthspud has got a point, a lot of predetermined murders would no doubt stop if they knew what fate would await them. (Reminds of Minority report actually).
  6. What annoys me is that if a referendum was held, all politicians know that the death penalty would be brought back. It's just another case of politico's thinking they know more than the people. At the end of the day, democracy is about the will of the people, and a lot of people out to commit crimes that would attract the death penalty would think twice about it if they knew that a needle full of domestos in the arm could be the result. The sentences for these animals has been released, 24 years for the doer and 18 for Joey Bartons brother. The tarrif WAS increased due to the racist element of the crime. The sentence is still not enough, but an increase on racial grounds in wrong.
  7. Just had a concersation along very similar lines with some colleagues. In a way, life does mean life. A lifer who is released is prepetually on licence and can be hauled back to prison for pretty much anything - without trial. The amount of time served inside is of course another thing.
  8. Its good to imagine what sort of reception these two sh*tes will be getting from assorted yardies and other ethnic groups within the prison service for the next 20 odd years. What I find so hard to believe is that there was absolutely No motive of robbery/passion or any other reason than sheer bl**dy ....... words fail me for a change!
  9. Accpet all above. But how does this sit alongside the very recent case of a white man who had his head jumped all over by three Asians 'because he tried to interfere in Paki business' Racial? Apparently not.

    One law for.....
  10. Good point wrt the reception they'll (hopefully) get. Mind you, have you seen American History X ?? Top film and thought provoker.
  11. I remain impressed , and very much so with the behaviour of Mrs. Walker throughout her ordeal. Her behaviour is an example to all Christians, and has gone a long way to defusing any post-incident dramas.

    I also remain very impressed by the fact she has not allowed the usual rabble to hijack her grief.

    I am not however, impressed one little bit by the lowlife morons that daubed racist graffiti near the site of her son's death.
  12. no murders committed in america then?...
  13. PTP You are right. Her attitude has been an amazing sight to behold. There was an article on %Live this morning involving a few poor souls who had loved ones murdered, and several of them could not find it to forgive, and the wek one that I am, I feel that I could NEVER forgive anyone who murdered someone close to me.
  14. well it it certainly a deterrent against a repeat offence :)

    copied from the above link

    Taylor, 20, who admitted swinging the ice axe that killed Mr Walker, was ordered to serve a minimum of 23 years in prison. Barton, 17, who was found guilty of murder yesterday for starting the attack and supplying the murder weapon, was sentenced to 17 years and 8 months.

    The men faced up to 30 years in jail because Mr Justice Leveson ruled yesterday that the murder of Mr Walker, a gifted black A-level student murdered on Merseyside in July, was racist.

    "This was a racist attack of a type poisonous to any civilised society. There is no difference between people of different races, each trying to live out their lives in peace," said the judge as he passed the sentences