Sent on Ops but jot Mobilised

This year I was sent to serve on Operation Ellamy but was not mobilised.
I was paid just MTDs for the period I was there.

Apart from the LSA that I lost, and the POTL that was not forthcoming, I believe that I was also put in a difficult position regarding future payments if something had gone wrong.

I want to seek some recompense for the lost earnings. Where should I go for advice as obviously the COC is trying to cover up their mistake?
Didn't you just come back on the monday morning or after the 2 weeks :)
I know that the Med was not a "must mobilise" AOR (unlike, for example, Kuwait - I mobbed in 2006, iirc, to do a very-non-TELIC task with the BMATT), so it really depends on what exactly you were told or agreed to when you disappeared off. This may have been an expensive lesson in being effed around by the MoD.
You should still get LSA and maybe even LOA when on MTDs. As for going on ops with out being mobilised it sounds like you put you hand up to go. At least your camp is covered for the year.
Von Paulus what unit are you, PM me if necessary. It sounds like something is not quite kosher (and I don't mean the bacon sandwiches).
Doesn't sound quite right but you have been informed correctly - no LSA on MTDs - LOA is payable though. How many MTDs are you up to now??

I went to the Balkans in Mar 2002 for 2 weeks on MTDs + LOA for HQ MND(SW) pre-deployment staff training - I had two weeks worth of annual leave to use up at work and flew out from LGW on Fri afternoon and returned on Saturday morning a fortnight later. No major dramas, I knew what the score was and was quite happy to go. The legendary Bob H at CVHQ R Signals organised it all.
I suggest you should have been formally mobilised, but thats just a paperwork ex. - but I've also been on Ops without going near Chilwell. Amazing what trivia can get dropped when the system needs you in a hurry. That said, I'm finding it hard to be concerned - Op Ellamy - based in Italy I imagine ? - hardly life-threatening. Frankly its a bit chippy to be looking for anything more than you'd have got for doing advance party and rear party to a "Camp" in Germany or Cyprus. POTL for 6 weeks ? Get real, tell the CoC you're claiming a weeks MTDs in lieu.

...and No, I'm afraid there is No medal.
OK, On the 'oggin then. Some recompense required for putting up with bearded matelots at least.... One area you don't mention is X Factor - If you were on straight TA MTDs you'll have not been getting the full whack of X Factor.

Methinks the right answer is for a bit of after-action revisionary paperwork at APC.

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