Sensitivity quiz for Olympic volunteers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. Through a new sensitivity quiz for Olympic volunteers, members of the public will be taught how to properly describe minority ethnic athletes, how to speak to disabled visitors and more.The unusual questions are all part of a “diversity and inclusion” questionnaire given to volunteers, to find out how they would respond to “sensitive” issues.
    Take the quiz here.

    1. Sexual Orientation: A spectator complains to you that there are two men holding hands sitting next to them - they feel very uncomfortable and would like you to tell the couple to stop. What do you do?

    a) You tell the person to stop being a homophobic idiot and walk away.

    b) You want everybody to feel comfortable and welcome at the Games, so you politely ask the couple to stop holding hands.

    c) You explain that there is a huge diversity of people at the London 2012 Games, which includes gay, lesbian and bisexual couples.

    2. Ethnicity/Race: You need to point out one of your team members to another colleague who requires his level of expertise. How do you describe him?

    a) The tall black guy with short dark hair.

    b) That guy over there, who looks like an athlete.

    c) As your colleague is black, you are worried about sounding racist when you describe him, so you select another less qualified team member to assist instead.

    3. Gender/Gender Identity: A spectator approaches you asking politely where the nearest toilets are. You are not sure if the spectator is male or female. What do you do?

    a) Panic - you are not qualified to make this decision. Explain politely that you do not know, and sadly cannot be of assistance.

    b) Just in case, tell them where the male, female and accessible toilets are.

    c) Ask the spectator politely if they are male or female, so that you can direct them appropriately.

    4. Disability: You are stopped by two spectators. Your attention was drawn by the man as he called over to you politely from a short distance away. The man is accompanied by a lady in a wheelchair. She has a speech impairment and speaks very quietly. She is asking you a question but you are finding it very difficult to understand her. What do you do?

    a) Turn to the non-disabled man and ask him what she is saying.

    b) Tell her politely that you are unable to understand her, and you are very sorry, but you need to be at your team briefing in two minutes.

    c) Tell her that unfortunately you are unable to understand her, and ask if there is anything you can do to help her communicate with you.

    5. Age: You have been asked by your Team Leader to assign several duties to you and your team members. One of your team members is a great deal older than the others, what do you do?

    a) Ask your colleagues if they have any preferences or issues with any of the duties you need to share out, and then assign appropriately. Your older colleague does not raise any issues, so you give him one of the more physically demanding roles, as he says he has done it before.

    b) Assign duties regardless of the colleague in question.

    c) Wink cheekily at your older colleague and explain that you will be kind on his 'old bones' and the 'young 'uns' can do the running around today.

    6. Belief: You are chatting to a fellow Games Maker at the security line while waiting to access the venue. They point out a woman in front of you who is wearing a scarf on her head and remark 'surely she won't be allowed to wear that in the venue!'. What do you say in response?

    a) Ignore the comment and change the subject.

    b) Point out that the woman is wearing a hijab, which is a form of Muslim headwear some women choose to wear as part of their faith.

    c) Wait until your first shift with the colleague wearing the headscarf and raise your issue in front of them and your fellow team members.

    I have the correct answers!
  2. I know what MY answers are :)
  3. 1 b
    2 a
    3 c
    4 b
    5 c
    6 None of the options
  4. aabcab
  5. 1 - Will you 2 queens give it a rest. We're not in Heaven at the moment are we.
    2 - The chap over there that clearly isn't in the swimming team needs your help
    3 - "Have you seen Crocodile Dundee? Brace yourself"
    4 - "Listen in you dribbling raspberry ripple. It's Clear! Loud! As an order! with Pauses!"
    5 - "Coffin dodger, how do you feel about carrying the High jump kit out?"
    6 - Say "durkka, durrka, durrka" loudly. If she turns round she is clearly a terrorist. Then pounce!
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  6. 1. You walk up calmly behind the couple and rip the back of the chair off one of the seats they are sat on and beat one of them to death with it and give the surviving mincer 10 seconds to get out of your fucking sight.

    2. Winston! Put that fucking chicken down and get your arse over here, boy!

    3. Politely inform the spectator that since you cannot tell if they are male or female they are most certainly ugly enough to fuck off and use the mens toilets.

    4. Put on a fake speech impairment yourself and fake a small bout of tourettes whilst attempting to push the wheelchair down the nearest stairs.

    5. Put the fucker on tea duties and tell him not to eat all the fucking biscuits whilst you are gone.

    6. Remove the person making the comment and the person wearing the item of clothing and force them to engage in a knife fight for your own personal amusement.

    Am I hired?
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  7. They can all be answered quite easily with
    'Fuck off, I'm trying to watch the Olympics for free'

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  8. 1. Grunt, shrug shoulders, say a profanity in a foreign language, suck teeth.
    2. Grunt, shrug shoulders, say a profanity in a foreign language, suck teeth.
    3. Grunt, shrug shoulders, say a profanity in a foreign language, suck teeth.
    4. Grunt, shrug shoulders, say a profanity in a foreign language, suck teeth.
    5. Grunt, shrug shoulders, say a profanity in a foreign language, suck teeth.
    6. Grunt, shrug shoulders, say a profanity in a foreign language, suck teeth.

    I'm in, easy as you like.
  9. 1) Explain that there is a huge diversity of people at the London 2012 Games, so expect plenty more bummers, coons, rug munchers, ragheads, skinnys, and other foreign undesireables and forcefully eject the offending poofs from the venue.

    2) The darkie with the buzz cut.

    3) Panic - it is clearly too ugly to be allowed out on its own, quickly cave the offending munter's head in with the nearest blunt object.

    4) Lean in closely to the disabled spectator and yell loudly and cleary 'Would. You. Like. Some. Nice. Crayons?' Before ruffling it's hair and giving the owner a cheeky laugh and asking how shit it must be having to look after the mong when he wants to go get pished down the pub.

    5) 'Oi, grandad, shift those shot putts out and don't fucking drop them, eh.' Muttering about 'old bastards' and 'senile old cunts' whilst walking away is compulsory.

    6) Tell your colleague that you 'will deal with this'. Get the terrorist's attention by tapping the opposite shoulder to the one you are standing a before plunging the 15 inch hunting knife you had stashed down your breeks into the abdominal area. Remove the blade and point into the crowd reminding everyone to 'Tell the other foreigners what you saw'.
  10. You point out that in Questions 1 to 5, it's a matter of opinion and conscience. In Question 6, it's a case of poor education as the person in front of you can't be a "they".
  11. 1. a (sort of) Wind your neck in this is 2012 not 1012.

    2. a its descriptive not vindictive.

    3. It's not my fault you're Fucking ugly so don't discriminate against my inability to determine your gender.

    4. a

    5 b

    6 Correct, in my world she wouldn't.

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  12. Ah ha, short & sharp answer,

    Sod Diversity where my Fecking Free VIP tickets.