Sensible training programme???

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by hicky, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. Ok, I've decided after almost a year of biffing it since telic I'm going to get fit again.
    I can frequent the works gym(excellently equippped) mon-fri for about an hour min each day.
    If someone has something varied written down that I can use to build upon could they pls pm it to me.

    OR if one of the gym queens wants to give me some direction crack on.

    Mainly CV but with some weights days also.

    If there's a webpage containing such fun stuff excellent.

    Oh and yes I'm making the effort already switched from beer to guinness(more iron)
  2. More calories in Guiness though mate
  3. Barsteward.....back to beer.......I will resist the temptation to be "cuddly"
  4. Good stuff mate. Focus on variety for your CV, swimming, cycling, running. Vary the intensity too.

    A good 2 or 3 day split would be good for the weights, focused around big compound moves (press, squat, deads).

    If you want specific information, post up what days you want to do what (weights or CV) and I'll put something simple together for you!
  5. 1ManRiot
    You've got a pm.
  6. Sun-long run 7:25-7:45 pace.
    Mon-gym OR run OR rest, depends how I feel.
    Tue-6 Miles,7:15 pace.
    Wed-Circuit Training, 1 hour.
    Thurs-3 miles, best effort or 1.5 miles, best effort.
    Fri-Cycle to swimming pool, swim 30-45 mins, cycle back OR go out, get pissed.
  7. Ok im no fitness trainer but wouldn't it better to do loads of CV lose the weight etc... Then do the weights after to bulk up?
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    Stupid boy.