Sensible specs.

I use Linux day to day and haven't done much in the way of gaming on the PC since I got a PS3 in week of launch, so I'm a bit behind on the current "must have" specs for a new machine.

Currently on a 64x2, 2Gb RAM, 250Gb HD with an Nvidia.... eh, might be a 7 series, don't remember, card.

It's starting to give gyp, lock ups & unexplained resets, nothing useful in the crash logs, so I suspect either memory parity or a MoBo issue, it's a SFF HP machine so rebuild is not an option.

If I were to buy a generic clone today what should I be accepting as a minimum spec?
I cant remember the exact model of processor in mine but its an AMD quad core and was the fastest available a year ago, graphics card is a GTX275 (bit out of date now) and I've got 4GB of DDR3 RAM in mine, it seems to run all the latest games either fully maxed out or not far off. I bought mine from these chaps & have used them for loads of components in the past, customer service is good & prices are very reasonable Gaming PCs and Gaming Computers from Novatech

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